Light blue summer dress with flowers by Aliexpress review

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Hello there! Todays I dedicate my post to the most beautiful dress of the summer. The one with no back and off-the-shoulder.

I accidentally came across this dress while scrolling Aliexpress pages. Nevertheless I've seen this design for a lot of times only this item has caught me thanks to its unusual color scheme and printing. I haven't seen such colors before. Really, I felt in love immediately and desperately. I consider all pluses and minuses for long to decide whether buy it or not. It is backless which means you couldn't wear it over bra. I have a small cup size and usually bra somehow push it up and here I would have to go without it. I think twice however and decided that I don't care. I want this dress anyway. And so it gets into my orders.

Девушка в длинном платье

Девушка в платье с открытой спиной


Up to me the dress was expensive. It cost $22 on the moment of purchase. And as there is no quality control there and an item could be defective, usually I do not make such expensive purchases on Ali. But I've decided to risk and trusted a store despite I was the first buyer of this dress.




The quality is fantastic. Holding it in hands you understand that it's not a cheap thing. It looks fantastic, with no any defects. Fabric neat stiches. Everything perfectly made with no sticking out thread. Absolute symmetry in details. But it's not all the advantages.

Цветочный принт на голубом платье



Ровный шов на платье

Швы с внутренней стороны платья

It's main feature is its material. The fabric is unbelievably light, soft and ethereal. Only by touching it could be said that it's natural tissue. The description says that it is cotton, but up to my feelings it seems that it is delicate linen. There is no need in inner lining as the dress is made of non-see-through material.



Пуговички на голубом платье

Pay particular attention to the quality of printing. All the colors are bright and clear. There is no one blur image. The tissue is indeed expensive.

Яркий цветочный принт на платье

Голубое платье лежит на полу

I was absolutely delighted when I opened the package. The off-the-shoulder dress was fantastic. I run to try it immediately. First I tried to find a better way to cover the bra as I got used to. With that I've understand that there is no way to do so and that I would have to wear it without bra. No straps should spoil such a beauty.

It's simple to iron this dress. But when you iron one part another gets wrinkle. So much tissue it has.

Девушка на фоне стены в платье


I've ordered M-size, but it would be better if I asked for S as the dress is a little large for me in breast. However it's difficult to notice that so the issue is not catastrophic. The length is good and the dress will be fit for tall girls. With my 1.68 meter it lays on the floor. But with tall shoes it looks perfectly. So for girls with 1.72 it will be great.

The cloth fits the seller's size schedule.

My measurements

  • Breast 84 sm. without bra
  • Waistline 63
  • Hips 95
  • Height 168

Here are some my photos in this dress. I've made indeed many photos as I've felt myself not only comfortable in it, but very beautiful too.


Девушка в поле на закате

Девушка в поле с открытой спиной

As I've made purchase in this store for the first time, I can say nothing about quality of their items, thus this dress I can definitely recommend. I think soon I'll come for a new item.

Thanks for your attention and have a good purchase. Yours, Milkshake!

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