How to change the shipping address on Aliexpress

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In the following article I'm going to discuss how to change or add one another delivery address as well as how to choose it correctly during the purchase process.

Let's consider the case. You move to another city for summer but want to continue purchasing on Ali. How can you make your package to reach this new destination? One should simply change the shipping address on Aliexpress.

At first log on to your profile. At the top-right of the web-page next to a person icon there is “My Aliexpress” section.


After you've signed in there will be your profile-page. It contains your personal data including the address to which will be sent all the purchases.


By pushing on “My shipping address” button we'll move to the following page. If you have already printed any address then it would be displayed here.


If you don't want to order anything to this address than I advise to delete it. In other case there is the possibility to choose it by accident. It can be edited as well.

To enter the new information you should press an orange button “Add a new address”. After that you will see the data boxes.


You must fill the boxes correctly with approved data. If they are filled with incorrect info, then you won't receive your long-awaited pack. You should write all the data in Latin as it displayed in your passport.

To make your address permanent put the “Set as default” tick next to it. After that the most part of the packages will be sent there. While preordering all new items that set address will be displayed first. If you want to change it then you can choose another location while making the order. To complete this stage you should press “save” button. Pay attention that the current default address will be displayed in the red box.


After that you can easily change the shipping address on Aliexpress with no fear that you package could reach incorrect location.


If you haven't figured out where to change all of that yet, here the direct link:

You know it, don't you?

The delivery address and the place of your location may be different because the packages are received only with the check of Name and Surname. It means that you can take you order even when you are on holidays somewhere in Thailand. The only requirement is to set your location correctly and to stay there long enough to receive the delivered pack.

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