Coronavirus and Aliexpress | Can people get virus from packages?

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Since Aliexpress and shopping from China are the main topic of our blog, we have come to the conclusion that this issue can no longer be ignored. A lot of people ask the same questions in different social networks. So, we have prepared a brief about purchases from China and coronavirus. Can I get virus from Aliexpress delivery packages? If to be short, the answer is NO. If you are interested in details, read the article below.

You can read what COVID-19 is on specialized websites. We will briefly consider the ways of its transportation. All information is taken from the official website of WHO (World Health Organization).

How does Coronavirus spread?

The virus is mainly found in human fluids secreted by nose and mouth. Infection occurs if drops of these fluids fall on a healthy person and the person put it into the eyes, nose or mouth.

For example: a sick person sneezed on money, a healthy person took it in his hands and then scratched his eye with this hand. Therefore, to avoid infection, it is recommended to be at least one meter away from other people, wash your hands thoroughly and do not touch your face with them.

If safe to receive a packages and parcels from Aliexpress?

According to the information of the World Health Organization website, we provide the exact text from their webpage:


Also, the WHO wrote about this in its official Twitter on February, 1, while making a short post in the form of a question and answer. Here is a screenshot of this post and you can also view the original too.


Does Aliexpress Work?

Yes, AliExpress works stable. Since the beginning of the year, when the virus pandemic in China was at its peak, many sellers have not sent goods. But the infection has gone down, and more and more companies are returning to work in the usual way. So, the stores can accept orders and send goods once again.


Before you believe or not in any information, it is better to check the sources. In our era of information technology, misinformation is everywhere. Don't take my word for it. Our article is based on the most truthful source: the World Health Organization, and we have attached all the links to the originals. So, that you can see this for yourself.

That’s why you can make a deal from Aliexpress without any fear. Your purchases take for delivery 10 days or more. Any virus during this time will order to live for a long time. Take care of yourself and we wish you a pleasant and safe shopping experience.

P. P. S

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