Fashion color trends 2019 + Aliexpress clothing compilation

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Let's look on the popular trend colors for 2019 and choose suitable clothes on our favorite Aliexpress.

Color trends do not come out of nothing. There are institutes that design color schemes by studding tones and their combinations from previous catalogs and scouting the public opinions and popular stiles.

The 2019 set of noble colors is indeed impressive.

Red pear

Красная груша

Deep dark-red color, close to marsala but more muffled. It could make evening dress elegant and attractive.

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Brave poppy

Храбрый мак

The balancing of bright-red and coral tones, it looks quite interesting and harmonic. This combination highlights your image and makes it much more interesting.

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Light twilights

Лёгкие сумерки

The color is compared with wet asphalt but lighter with a bit warm tone. It fits perfectly for Autumn-Spring season clothes and used in different accessories: scarf-snoods, hats and gloves.

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Foggy blue

Туманный голубой

Bright as a sky but more muffled and deep. No doubts it's one of the most “comfortable” 2019 colors. It would be perfect for both knitted and light-material clothes.

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Quetzal Green

Зелёный Квезаль

Absolutely perfect balance of blue and green resembles the quetzal bird feathers that sparkle in the light. As well as red pearl it fits for evening images.

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Blanched Almond


It's very warm and delicate but as noble as classic beige. The variety of images in this color and its combinations are fit for any season.

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Martini olive

Оливка в мартини

The fans of military will enjoy this quite dirty but deep tone. The color is perfect for classic models with modern hints of “brutality”.

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Lime punch

Лаймовый пунш

Acid yellow-green combination will touch everybody around. It's the color of bright spring and summer that you can use in accessories to adorn your image.

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Dusty rose

Пыльная роза

The most popular soft tone. It attracts with grace and finesse. Very suitable for young girls but in different combinations it will look good on mature ladies as well.

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Orange red

Красно-коричневый апельсин

Its distinctive feature is a sunny warm that is so lacking in cold seasons. The tone of comfort autumn and winter is suitable also in interior design.

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Transform things around you, combine and experiment, and then the new 2019 year will not leave you without emotions.

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