Aliexpress coupons. What is it and where to get them

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Today I start topics about coupons and discounts on Aliexpress. I'll divide them into several parts. First, let's analyze which coupons exist, where they can be found and the ways of using them.

Ali provides 5 types of discounts for us. They are listed in the table of contents so let's look on carefully.

1. Aliexpress coupons

It may be received for different achievements. For example, one has played the following game in the App. At the same time, it's possible to win them by participating in different events on Ali.

All Ali coupons are presented at your profile on “My coupons” tab.


If it's in red, it means the coupon is active. And the grey one means it's expired.

2. Aliexpress special coupons

You can get in stores, exchanging for coins. Or directly from Aliexpress via App.

There are special-coupons of 2$ value only. But it is possible to apply several of them for one purchase if the seller allows it.

This type of discount is not accepted by all sellers.

How to figure out that the shop accepts special-coupon?

1. First way

Open the product page and under the buttons "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now" we look if there is such an icon. dop

Aliexpress special coupons page

You can take it by pushing “Get select coupon”. After that, you will open the window in which you can change coins on the special-coupon. One for 2$ will cost 20 coins.

3 1

2. Second way

At first, we check if the store accepts the special-coupons. For that, we open the “Sale items” section on its page and look through if there is such information. If the seller doesn't accept them then there won't be any data.

Aliexpress store have special coupons

3. Sellers' coupons

All the coupons of all the stores could be seen here.

Each of them has its own “Sale items” tab where they place the items with a discount. All the available of them could be found on this page as well. Do not forget that you will be able to apply them only to one particular store.

One can view all usable coupons in “Sellers' coupons” subsection of “My coupons” tab of your account menu. Watch the screen.


4. Mobile coupons

It could be received during different promo campaigns. Unlike other coupons, these could be used only via Ali app. They are not displayed on the website. If you have these types of discount then they will be available via a mobile app.

It's displayed as follows:

aliexpress mobile coupons

See it does not differ from another coupon thus in its status there is a clarification in brackets that one can activate it “in application only”.

Here are a lot of interesting discounts that could be activated on the normal version of the website. 

5. QR coupons

This type of coupons is very difficult to obtain. Only particular seller may give it by way of compensation, to restore the damage or to reward you to win in any kind of competition.

Pay attention when you open the package, sometimes sellers put in it the note with the QR coupon as a present. It can be scanned by the QR device in the Aliexpress App.

Let's stop here now. The follow-up of this topic could be read in my next post. There I'll explain how to apply few coupons for one order.

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