TOP 10 shoe stores for women at Aliexpress

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Hello. Today we have a compilation of stores. It is very difficult to buy shoes at Aliexpress, which you will not regret later. Always, something is wrong. The quality is not so good, or the service is bad. I decided to facilitate your task, and help you in the search for good proven sellers.

All stores in this compilation have the status of "Top Brand"

This TOP was made depending on the number of sales and rating. Only sellers from 1000 sold items participate and with estimates above 98.0%. Location in the TOP depends on this data.

10. steinmeier Official Store


Due to the name, you might think that the shoes are made somewhere in Germany. But that is wrong, they sew it in China, as well as all the goods that are sold on AliExpress. The main style of the product is retro. It is created manually by highly qualified employees. Almost everything is made of genuine leather.


9. BeauToday Official Store


Despite the rather expensive assortment, people are willing to purchase goods here. And that is due to the good service and product quality. All shoes are made of high quality genuine leather. Beau Today is not just a store, but a Chinese brand. There are both youth models and classic models here.


8. Donna in


This store appears and disappears from our TOP. But judging by the latest reviews, he brought in a lot of good quality shoes. The assortment is regularly updated.


7. MALEMONKEY Official Store


That is a great seller with a huge amount of good quality shoes. We can't say that the products are cheap, but the quality is equal the price. The assortment is mainly female, but you can also find men's shoes.


6. JIMMLY Store


There are shoes for everyone with a different color, and the most important thing is that the store's service is on top. It is more than 2 years old. Due to reasonable prices and high quality, it has maintained an excellent rating and could earn the love of customers. Here you will find goods for women only. You can also find some bags and clothes here.




This shop prefer many bloggers. That is so because it has an incredible quality and good service. He's also very generous. There are great coupons are available often. Their bestsellers are comfortable casual shoes. Recently, their products were diluted with warm winter ugg boots, which became sales hits, and raised this store to a new level.


4. HOPUS Store


I almost fell in love with this store. It is on second place due to the following: product high quality and good sports and everyday assortment. There are also good sandals and boots.


3. BUFFIE boot Store


The leader of our top is BUFFIE boot Store. I did not notice this store immediately, although it has been working for a long time. It is based on the sale of winter warm Bologna boots/Russian felt boots. There is not much choice in the store, but if you are looking for such shoes, there are plenty of them to find your pair. The store's rating is 99.5% which is very rare on AliExpress, especially when the store is already 6 years old.


2. AIYUQI Official Store


Opened in 2013 in February. I started to gain momentum quite recently. We decided that he should definitely be here, because the rating for such a long time is difficult to maintain, but he succeeded. By the way, the shoes here are not for everybody, but only laudatory reviews in terms of quality.


1. Tastabo Official Store


I can say that this shop sells the most unusual and interesting models of women's shoes that I have ever seen. They are bright, bold, and as they say, very comfortable. The palette of colors varies from bright colors to neutral. Only this company was able to combine incongruous colors. I fell in love with the products from this store. They focus on manufacturing products made of genuine leather.



While buying shoes on Aliexpress, pay attention to its size. They don't match up with ours really often. The best way not to lose money is to measure your foot in centimeters and see the size table in the product description, and what length is equal to them.


If you liked my compilation, don’t rush to close this page. You can see another article with "clothing stores for women" and another TOP with cool women handbag stores.

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