Hello. Today we have a compilation of stores. It is very difficult to buy shoes at Aliexpress, which you will not regret later. Always, something is wrong. The quality is not so good, or the service is bad. I decided to facilitate your task, and help you in the search for good proven sellers.

All stores in this compilation have the status of "Trustworthy Brand"

This TOP was made depending on the number of sales and rating. Only sellers from 1000 sold items participate and with estimates above 98.0%. Location in the TOP depends on this data.

10. Steinmeier


On the 10th place there is a shop with an interesting name "Steinmeier". Thanks to it, you might think that shoes are produced somewhere in Germany. But no, they made it in China, like all the items that are sold on Aliexpress. The main product style is Retro. It is created in manual by highly skilled workers. Almost everything is made of genuine leather. Prices are generous, from $ 28.

Store link



Store link

8. xammep Official


They sell both leather shoes and artificial materials. Here you will find a wide selection of styles, colors, and designs. The prices are very attractive. The store service is at a good level and the goods are of excellent quality. Enthusiastic customer reviews confirm this fact

Store link

7. Bacia


I think that there are no girls who actively use Aliexpress and haven’t heard about this store. Because they sell excellent stylish shoes, and promote it in every possible way. Bacia themselves produce their goods. Here you will find both genuine leather shoes and synthetic materials. However, be sure, and in either case the quality is good. Price policy: merciless for a man's pocket =)

Store link

6. Tastabo


Store link

5. Pasoataques


This store is different from the rest with its products, because they specialize in home footwear. The whole range is incredibly nice, and ..... It's impossible to get past them, and not want anything to buy. But for room slippers prices are expensive.

Store link



Store link



Finally we reached the seller with the most favorable prices and incredibly good shoes. Thousands of customers can’t be wrong. Here you can buy both leather shoes and polyester. They produce their own products

Store link

2. Bassiriana


Store link

1. STQ Offical


Our leader is a store with a short name "STQ". It won in the category " TOP 10 shoe stores for women at Aliexpress " according to To this fact, we came based on high estimates and the number of sales. The seller has an inexpensive and running range. Products are available for all seasons and different styles.

Store link

If you liked my compilation, don’t rush to close this page. You can see another article with "clothing stores for women" and another TOP with cool women handbag stores.


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