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If you look for a trusted seller to buy a good bag this article is for you. This list includes only brands stores. Some of them are very popular and some are just gaining popularity. The price category is diverse — from cheap to very expensive. But no matter what brand you choose, any of them will offer the best quality of products and service.

In this list there are only sellers who have more than 2 000 sales and a rating higher than 97.0%. These two factors are responsible for the order of position in the TOP.

10. Pmsix Official Store


The distinctive feature of this brand is the using of Oriental motifs. People, who like peonies and lotuses, will really appreciate it. There are many handbags in the Moscow show room. If you are from Moscow, do not be lazy to go to see the goods. Here is the high quality, the main material of products is leather. Price is rather high, but, according to the reviews, the quality is high too.


9. GREAT KING QI WANG Official Store


The brand has a very high quality and goods are stylish. The company has been working in the fashion industry more than 20 years. It focuses on the women's handbags. There are only natural materials in its goods. The price category is high, but it is equal to the quality and cool design. The store has a large assortment of any size, color and style.


8. Cobbler Legend official store


The brand is unique due to the special features of their bags. The designers declare that they want to present their vision of the artistic traditions of the Oriental style to the world. Another feature is that all handbags are handmade and made of the leather.


7. Nevenka Official


Despite of the fact that the company was launched on Aliexpress recently, due to the average prices and high quality it could become popular rather fast. The company focuses on the average price. Here I have noticed a couple of cool handbags. The store is constantly involved in various promotions. 


6. Realer Official Store


This is one of the popular sellers of bags on Aliexpress. Their products are both beautiful and have a very high quality. The brand values its reputation. That’s why the service is high. Despite the fact that most of the products are made of leather, their prices are not so high in reality. So, you could find a good leather bag with the average price.




It is the excellent shop with high quality products. The company follows fashion trends and always stays in trend.  Bright and unique models will make you glad. Here you will spend a lot of time while looking through the goods.


4. Unishow Official Store


This store can attract many people with its price. They are very competitive. I have spent some time to understand that the shop is trustful. The company focuses on the different youth versions of bags and purses. Also you could find some interesting and trending models that are popular here.


3. Memories Of ContactS Store


That is the great seller with a high quality goods. It is focuses on selling bags and purses made of leather. Due to its attention to the client the company can save its rating rather high.  The assortment is low. However, the models are beautiful and have a high quality. They would be perfect for business meetings.


2. Toposhine Official Store


That is rather good shop with a great assortment. It is working on AliExpress for 7 years. And its rating is really high. According to the deal volume, it is becoming more popular.  Here you can buy bags, backpacks and even wallets. Youth models predominate, but there are several classic variants that may appeal too.


1. Zocilor Official Store


Do you want to purchase beautiful, high-quality and inexpensive bag? So, come here. There is a huge assortment of models of the classic style. They are mostly made of artificial materials. But they are equal to leather bags, which can also be found here. The store was launched in 2016. By the way it could breaks all records for sales. More than 50,000 items sold.


Shoes for these handbags you can choose from another my TOP with women's shoes stores. Just be careful. Assortment is so good that it can leave you without a penny =) Also look at another compilation brand clothing stores. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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