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If you look for a trusted seller to buy a good bag this article is for you. This list includes only brands stores. Some of them are very popular and some are just gaining popularity. The price category is diverse — from cheap to very expensive. But no matter what brand you choose, any of them will offer the best quality of products and service.

In this list there are only sellers who have more than 2 000 sales and a rating higher than 98.0%. These two factors are responsible for the order of position in the TOP.

10. DUSUN Official Store


The company tries to make one's way through the top ratings of Aliexpress. They take all possible means to increase the quality of products. The opinion of buyers for them is very important. The store is very generous, constantly makes all kinds of promotions and discounts to regular customers.

Store link

9. Fashion's Front


Store link

8. Walk Arrive Official Store


Store link

7. GREAT KING QI WANG Official Store


Brand with very high-quality and stylish products. It has been working for more than 20 years in the fashion industry. They work only with natural materials. The price category is high because items are best quality and cool design. In the store a large selection of goods of any size, color and style.

Store link

6. ESUFEIR Official Store


Store link

5. Cobbler Legend official store


The brand is unique due to the special design of the bags. Designers say that they want to show to the world their vision of the art traditions of the oriental style. Another uniqueness of this brand is all handbags are made of natural leather.

Store link

4. Pmsix Official Store


Store link

3. Nevenka yyss Store


They have appeared on Aliexpress recently. Average prices and good quality attract customer's attention. For myself I have noticed a few cool handbags. The store constantly takes a part in various aliexpress's promotions so you can get a coupon to buy a bag.

Store link

2. AMELIE GALANTI official store


Store link

1. Realer Official Store


The most popular seller of bags is on Aliexpress. This can be understood by the number of sales and rating. Their products are not just beautiful but also very high-quality. Service is at the highest level. Most of the products are made of natural leather but prices are not very big.

Store link

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