Women's urban backpacks at Aliexpress: how to choose the right

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The right choice of backpack for everyday using is a really important in our urban life. Before buying such a necessary accessory you should pay attention to the following points:

Quality and Ergonomics

The best backpacks should have the function of protecting not only valuable and durable items from rain and dirt, but also to preserve the health of the owner.


It is very important to choose the perfect material. Even if the fabric  has the low quality, the backpack is should be resistant to water. Therefore, it is better to choose models with quality lining.


Although the zipper section seems difficult to use, it is the real advantage in terms of security. Such frequently used valuables as a credit card, passport, mobile phone can be put in a separate pocket with a strong zipper. In this case you won’t have to open the backpack every time to use them.

Number of Section

Having a large amount of storage space in a women's knapsack can certainly give the impression that it is quite convenient, but it is not so in reality. For example, a small bottle of water is something you can get out of the main section, but if there are too many small inner pockets, they will be filled with things that may not even be needed. Therefore, you should choose the backpack with one compartment inside and small pockets on the outside. If someone prefers to carry a lot of things, it is better to purchase one large backpack with 3 big sections.


As for the straps, they must match the size and weight that the knapsack can withstand. If it is small, the straps can be thin. But if a woman is used to wear the heavy backpack even to work, it is worth to choose models with big straps. It will help you while the durable hiking to put pressure on the shoulders correct. So, as the result, the straps  will save your health.


One of the most frequent questions is what is the perfect size of women's knapsack for the city? It is important that it should be proportional to the female body. So, you should pay attention to the height and weight. The wrong size can have a harmful effect on the back and shoulders.

Backpack or Bag?

The eternal question: should I buy a backpack or it is better to purchase a women's shoulder bag? Usually bags are more popular in the city, but in some cases the purchase of a knapsack is inevitable. If a woman has small children, it is necessary to wear their things. Recently, hybrid models have become popular, which can be worn both behind the back and in the form of shoulder bags.

What is the Price of Backpack?

Price can be different for any models. It depends on the type of material, its quality and other features. Sure, if the budget does not allow you to buy a natural leather backpack at a high price, but you want to purchase a fashionable and convenient accessory, you should think about a model made of artificial leather or polyester.

Aliexpress items list

Genuine leather


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Faux leather


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Other materials


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