TOP 10 best selling products in May 2020 on Aliexpress

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A new month has started, and it's time to sum up the results of the previous one. It is necessary to write down about the TOP-list of goods on Aliexpress in May. We have studied the official reports and prepared this TOP-list especially for you. Finally, the situation has started to change, and masks no longer take up half of this Top.

Try to check out the previous TOP-list for April to identify the difference.

10. Top


We have been working with the category for 3 months and this is the first clothing that entered this list. I wonder what attracted customers to this top, because the price is the most common, and there is nothing special about it. But many people praise the quality to be frank.


9. Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive Tape


We thought for a long time how to use this good in reality. There is the only way in our mind. It is possible to use it instead of silicone pads for shoes, so as not to rub your feet =) But the way of its using is very wide in reality. If you read some reviews, you will understand that and could find some ideas for you.


8. Vacuum Device For Removing Black Dots


That’s a great surprise, this good is in the TOP list now! People are still actively purchasing this device, despite the fact that its valuation has fallen slightly. There are a lot of satisfied customers, according to the reviews.


7. Protective Glasses for IPhone


The most popular safety glasses are sold for IPhones. I wonder what this trend is related to?


6. Covers For All IPhones Starting From the 6th


Probably, if you put one cover on top of the other, all the covers sold by Aliexpress will let you build the bridge to the moon. This is one of the best-selling products on the market.


5. Eyebrow Marker With Microlending Effect


The person, who came up with this thing, is a real genius. You can quickly and easily make beautiful eyebrows at home with this marker. But you have to keep in mind, it is necessary to have some experience to get good result.


4. Magnetic Cable


These useful little things are always needed in the house. Magnetic cable significantly improves the quality of life and saves nerve cells when you try to charge your phone at night in the dark.


3. Gel Polish GDCOCO


Women want to be beautiful in any situation. If you see the previous TOP-list, you will find this good on the TOP too. But the company Rosalind was the bestseller last month. Due to the lower price, GDCOCO bypassed the famous brand.


2. Medical Masks


Despite the fact that the general excitement on the market has decreased, this lot is steadily growing in positions. I guess, a certain fear makes people stock up for the future.


1. Smart Watch


This good is on the first place, as in the previous rating. The bestseller is the company YIKAZE. What does motivate people to purchase no-name smart watches? Most likely, it's the super low price of $ 7. Moreover, there are a lot of positive reviews.


May significantly changed this list. See also next month's selection of popular products for June.

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