Wedding dresses at Aliexpress: buying tips, links + real photo

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Every girl who knows about Aliexpress, at least once thought: "What if you purchase a wedding dress there"? In this case you will save a lot of money and surprise your guests. However, you need to pay maximum attention to the purchase process. You should not take the first thing that caught your eye. To get a dress that is perfect for you, follow the recommendations written in this article.

Identifying the FigureType

First of all, you have to solve the best style for you. It is easier to do while trying on different dresses in wedding salons. Choose models that will hide your shortcomings and emphasize your advantages.

If you have a pear figure type, then a dress with a fitted top and a lush bottom will be suitable for you.

If you have a slim body without much eye-catching curves, straight or flowing a-line modes will suit you.

If your figure type is an hourglass, almost all types of dresses would be perfect.

If you are tall, the waist fit is not important, but if you are short and want to look taller, choose those dresses that have a high waist. I'll leave you a little cheat sheet.


How to Find on AliExpres

When you have already decided on the style, feel free to start searching for the models on AliExpress. This is not the end of the problem, but that is the first step to solve it. You should not take a product without reviews and a good store rating, unless you are afraid to take a risk. Don't forget to read carefully what customers write.

Two Purchase Options

There are two different ways to make a deal. In the first case, you take a ready-made dress from the manufacturer, which may slightly fit you, and the second option-the order is sewn completely for you. In the first and in the second cases, the result can be both good and not so good. But personally, it would be easier for me to see what I would get for a start, so I would choose the first one.

Communication with Seller

If you solved to purchase a wedding dress from Aliexpress, you have to actively communicate with the seller. Discuss every detail, especially if the item is sewn for you. If the dress is lace, I advise you to ask about the possibility of choosing lace. There is a chance that the seller will offer you several options. Ask for all the details of photos with samples and at each stage, check the results with your requests.

Take Precise Measurements

You should give the seller your real parameters. Do not intentionally give other sizes, with the idea that you will lose weight before the wedding. Thus, you can get a dress that doesn't fit, substitute the seller and get upset yourself. The only place where you can match the size is in your real height. It seems to me that it is better to add a little bit of a couple of centimeters, especially if you have high shoes.


There is another important point where Chinese seamstresses make a mistake. That is the waist fit. You have to take carefully all measurements on your body, from the shoulder to the most pronounced place on your waist and focus on this when you send your sizes to the seller. By the way, if you buy a ready-made dress, you can ask the seller to measure this interval, and then check with your parameters. If everything matches, then the dress will at least fit well.

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