TOP 10 Best Selling Products in April 2020 on Aliexpress

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It's time for a new rating of the best-selling products on Aliexpress. This time the rating off April. We have prepared for you 10 goods that are bestsellers this month. We remind you that we do not create the list ourselves. Data is taken from the official Aliexpress report. So, let’s look through the list of what people buy the most in April?

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10. Vacuum device for removing black dots


According to the reviews, this tool is a good alternative to cosmetic cleaning. Especially during the quarantine, when cosmetic companies do not work. That is impossible for girls to live with black dots on their face. Despite the isolation, you need to always take care of yourself.


9. A tape expander


That is useful thing for girls who are used to spending every day in the gym, and then the bummer due to quarantine. It will help to keep your body in good condition even without a gym.


8. Latex rubber bands for training


A similar lot was in the previous month too. These elastic bands are suitable for sports at home. This probably increased their popularity. By the way, if you have a stepper, you can try to apply elastic bands to it.


7. Muscle stimulator


People are ready to everything for sport. This myostimulating trainer is suitable for press and buttocks. The manufacturer promises a slim, toned body, even when you do nothing. I'm not sure that it works, but the reviews are positive.


6. Mesh partition for dogs


That a very useful thing for dogs. It is disassembled and installed quickly, without any drilling. When assembled, it doesn't take up a lot of place. It can be installed on the stairs or between the doors to a room where the dog shouldn’t go. There are two different sizes.


5. Gel Polish from Rosalind


Rosalind is one of the most popular gel polish stores on Aliexpress. This good has become one of the bestsellers, due to a uniquely low price, which is not typical for this store with quality products.


4. Magnetic USB cable


Этот товар перешел из предыдущего ТОПа. Судя по количеству продаж эта вещь действительно пользуется спросом и является чем-то очень полезным. На данный момент продано более 360 000 штук. Из которых более 20 000 только за Апрель.


3. Medical masks


Не сложно было догадаться, что маски в этом месяце также находятся на вершине продаж. Медицинская маска одна их самых важных элементов доступных простым смертным для защиты от нового вида вируса, который остановил жизнь на всей планете. Продаются они очень активно. На данный момент более 26 000 продаж.


2. Bicycle mask


The mask took another leadership position this month. By the way, the same good was popular last month, but in a different position. It is worth noting that these masks do not save from infectious diseases of the respiratory tract. But they allow you to breathe clean air without dust. This is especially true if you are driving off-road or on a dry clay path.


1. Smart watch


On the first place is a smart watch at a uniquely low price of $ 7.29. That is why there are more than 132,000 orders. According to the reviews, they are no worse than Mi band, and perhaps even better. But whether they work as well, you will not know until you purchase them. However, you can do with reviews that are very flattering. Product rating is 5.0.


Masks and sport tools for home continues to occupy the leading position. And this is not surprising according to the world situation. Let's see the list changes next month. Thank you for your attention. Subscribe to our social networks to prevent missing our new articles.

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