TOP 10 Best Selling Products in Ocotber 2021 on Aliexpress

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Despite the activity on 11.11, we strictly follow the schedule and release the next TOP sales. Let's see what was sold the most over the past month on Aliexpress. Like us, you will be very surprised by some of the leaders of the TOP list. We remind you that all information is taken from official sources from Ali Baba Group.

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10. Children's U-shaped toothbrush


Moms know how it is difficult to clean the teeth of children well. Ordinary toothbrushes, even for children, can be traumatic. The u-shaped brush was invented to solve this problem. It allows you to brush all your teeth at once and completely safely without unnecessary hassle. A product has very good reviews. We recommend it.


9. Pokemon Cards


"Pokemon" is an animated series of the whole generation. Almost all children of the 90s watched and definitely heard about the cartoon. It was really popular and children wanted to have at least something related to their favorite animated series. At the same time, various stickers, chips, and cards appeared. Now, after so much time, there was some kind of mass nostalgia and people of 90th started to purchase them actively. For example, this product was sold more than 10000+ in October.


8. Magnetic USB Cable


This product cannot leave our TOP in any way. Considering the amount of sold cables, I would like to ask people, what are you doing with them? Why do you need so much?


7. Braided Straps for Apple Watch


The convenience of such straps is indisputable. Due to the elasticity, they fit but do not press. The only disadvantage is that they look a little cheap, considering that the strap is designed for very expensive watches.


6. USB Type-C Cable


It is another necessary thing in daily use, however, the same question arises again: why do you need it so much?


5. i7s wireless headphones


These headphones periodically appear in our TOP lists. Their price increases and decreases periodically. So, the sales rate increases in this case and the price is average. The reviews are only positive, and the negative ones have nothing to do with the quality of the product.


4. Hair clipper


It is a very unusual manual clipper. It looks like an art object. According to the reviews, it works just fine. The kit has a full range of attachments. It charges via USB.


3. Christmas garland


It was expected that garlands would be among the leaders again. Of course, they create an amazing festive atmosphere like nothing else. This garland has excellent quality. We can say that it is a perfect product with a great amount of positive reviews.


2. iPhone cases


Comfortable and high-quality silicone cases for iPhones are here. They not only protect the phone from damage, but also look very stylish.


1. Silicone double-sided adhesive tape


It is a product that greatly simplified our life. People, who have understood the convenience of using this tape, do not want to live without it, because it is able to solve many everyday tasks.


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Recently, every month surprises us with its new products in TOP lists. And this one was not an exception. Pokemon cards surprised really a lot. So, which product from this TOP list surprised you the most? Write your answer in the comments. And don't forget to subscribe to our Telegram in order not to miss new collections.

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