10 Aliexpress must-haves for woman

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To be prepared to every unexpected case a modern girl must bring some necessary items in her arsenal. There are more than 10 must have things indeed, however in this list we shall limit ourselves with those important that could assist any of us in different life situations.

I've prepared this TOP list basing entirely on my personal opinion and experience. So if you have another interesting proposal to add, write them to me in comments.

Oil absorbing sheets for face


It represents one of the best self-care devices that I've found on Aliexpress. The sheets are small and they last enough long. The coolest thing is that you can use them even when you already put on a concealer. You only need to make few careful touches if there is a make-up on your face. By applying this touching method you'll make your skin look nice and fresh.


Silk nail Wrap


Unfortunately I have no experience of using this item, but according to the girls comments are quite impressive. Recently I myself had such a problem, when I broke a nail. I was indeed angry and it was awful that I hadn't have this sticker. So I cut all the nails and after that case I order this item too.


Eyebrow sharpie


This item is a sharpie marker with 3 thin tips. It's easy in using, but demands some practice and technique. The pattern is applied by sharp but slight touches, and then your brow will look nice and natural. It's important as well to choose the color scheme with accuracy. 90% of positive results depend of this. Be careful also when the marker is dry, no good look is guaranteed!


Shoes silicon insoles


Extremely useful silicon insoles that allow you to bid farewell to all callus on your feet. I've dealt with them. The insoles also protect feet from wounds. However it's important to choose carefully those silicon insoles for each type of shoes otherwise there is a risk to lose them during the walking.


Special eyeliner


This eyeliner is special thanks to its possibility to two-side drawing. On one side there is a classical tips, and on the other triangle-style stamp. This one makes easier to draw a lovely eyebrows. With no difficulties and by a single touch now they will be equal and smooth.


Magnetic eyelash extensions


One of the most exciting items in our post. Farewell to the glue, now everything becomes much easier. The set includes 4 eyelash lines – two for each eye. One line is put on the top of your eyelash and the second is under the bottom one, so the magnetic field clings to your eyelash. Before wear the item I suggest you to whip up the line bow of the artificial eyelashes so they prolong the form of your eyelashes. Otherwise it will look unnatural.


Spray for epilation


The ideas of removing hairs with gels and sprays are not unique but always relevant. It's a great alternative in times when there is only an hour before the event and you could sign for the epilation therapy. With this item you need only 10 minutes to solve the problem. No harms, skin irritation or itching. You will look like you just come from beauty parlor.


Foam mask


Probably every girl has already heard about foam mask brand Elizavecca, that has become so popular in Instagram. Well, Aliexpress can provide you with alternative from Bioaqua. The composition of these two masks are almost the same, however the price of the second one is 3 times lower. Unfortunatly cannot say about the difference in results, but those who've purchased the Bioaqua mask have been absolutely satisfied. At least it's worth to try.


Black Spot Removal Mask


May be this must have item is quite old but it will be relevant every time, as well as the issue with the skins black spots. many buyers have already appreciated this product. Everybody pay attention to great results after applying this mask and you'll be pleasantly surprised with them too.


Mini nail UV lamp


I'm sure many of us tackle the situation when you've made lovely manicure or pedicure before the vocation and while resting somehow one of the nails crank down. So pity it is indeed. For those cases there is a portative mini lamp, which can assist you and take a small place in your luggage. Don't forget the basement and nail polishes.


As this topic is indeed large and in different scenario there are different things that could be necessary, so if you enjoy the list, I will make the follow-up.


Don't forget to write me your must have things in comments. 

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