Top 10 best selling products in January 2024 at Aliexpress

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January 2024 turned out to be a busy month for online shopping. New technologies, convenient gadgets, and practical accessories have won the hearts of shoppers. In this article, we will look at the most popular products that were in demand at the beginning of the year. All statistics are taken from official sources of the Alibaba Group.

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10. Soft earlobe cushions


Women know how uncomfortable and even painful wearing earrings can be. Sometimes it seems that jewelers completely forget about the anatomy of earlobes. The shift lock is the root of all evils. These silicone pads were invented specifically for jewelry with such fasteners. Hundreds of ladies have already appreciated them.


9. Folding pocket knife


For those who appreciate practicality and functionality, this item has become an indispensable assistant. With its help, you will always be ready for various tasks, whether it's opening boxes or cutting ropes. Its compact size and durable material make this knife an indispensable attribute for everyday use.


8. Digital thermometer with remote sensor


The times when you had to check the temperature of water or food using old-fashioned measuring devices are gone. There's a new solution that provides a quick and accurate way of measurement. You'll be able to cook dishes precisely according to the recipe or monitor the climate in your aquarium.


7. Markers with a long tip


Sometimes you need to sign something with a thin stroke or draw details in a picture. The long tip allows for more precise and beautiful writing. Thanks to this, this tool has become essential for artists, students, and office workers. Bright colors and durable tips promise longevity and good writing quality.


6. LED RGB strip


Decorating your home or creating a unique atmosphere at a party will now be easier. This flexible and versatile accessory allows you to create various lighting effects, from simple backlighting to flickering color schemes. Control is done with a remote control, making it even more convenient to use.


5. USB Type-C Cable


Fast charging and data transfer turn this item into a universal solution for modern gadgets. Durable material and sturdy connectors ensure reliable operation for a long time.


4. Xiaomi Smartwatch


Smartwatches have many functions, including activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, and even contactless payment. Stylish design and long battery life make these watches perfect for busy people who need to stay connected.


3. Portable perfume bottles


You will never be without your favorite scent during travel or trips anymore. Compact size and airtight construction ensure the fragrance's preservation and ease of use. Just fill the bottle with your perfume and take it with you wherever you go.


2. Cable organizer


With the increasing number of gadgets, we have more and more wires that need to be properly organized and stored. This strip offers a simple and effective solution to this problem. With it, you can neatly organize all the cables and avoid them getting tangled under the table or on the desk.


1. POCO X6 5G


One of the most anticipated gadgets of early 2024. By choosing it, you'll enjoy high-speed internet, a powerful processor, and a quality camera. Stylish design and a large screen make this smartphone the perfect choice for those who value comfort and functionality.


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According to buyers, these are the most practical, necessary, and important products. They improve and simplify life. What did you like most from this list? Don't forget to subscribe to our Telegram channel to not miss new selections.

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