Top 5 types of products for Aliexpress reselling and dropshipping business

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The business of reselling or dropshipping products from Aliexpress remains on the TOP this year. Many people do not want to wait several weeks to get the desired item, and they are willing to pay for the fact that you will sell them the necessary product right now. The resale business model is as old as the world, and is also very simple and accessible even to novice entrepreneurs with a small budget. What products can provide you with high profitability and demand? Let's look at the TOP-5 categories where you can earn money.


The idea is not new, but it remains relevant to this day. Customers are not satisfied with what they see in common landbased stores, and this forces them to look for more original things in other places. So, clothing from China is able to meet this demand. The sales are seasonal, and this should be taken into account. In summer, T-shirts are best sold, in winter you should focus on down jackets and jackets, in the offseason sweatshirts would be better to sell. Pay attention to customer comments and do not work with seller, which rating is low. Also, do not buy too original things, because they may simply stay on your stock. And do not forget about the difference in the marking of European and Asian sizes.

For example, the 3 best clothing sellers on AliExpress, that are worth looking at.



store link

INMAN Official Store 


store link

Mishow Apparel Store 


store link

If this is not enough for you, then look at our selection of TOP clothing stores from Aliexpress.


Chinese smartphones were really improved for several years and its price is still low. Many brands of phones are not yet officially represented on the Russian market, and they produce quite competitive devices. If you find a supplier with good prices, you can arrange a business with Ali smartphones at a price of 30-50% (and sometimes more) above the purchase price. We advise you to pay attention to the reviews of those, who has already bought such smartphones. It will let you purchase the high quality devices only.

Three of the best phone and accessories stores on AliExpress are the following:

Hong Kong Goldway


store link



store link

Hongkong VT Store


store link

The full TOP-list can be found in our other article of the best smartphone stores.

Dashboard Camera

Many drivers are ready to spend money to equip their car. Today you can easily earn money by reselling videorecorders and other auto gadgets. There are seasonal peaks in sales of video recorders: this is summer, when people are going to have a nice rest, and the beginning of winter, when recording equipment is bought to avoid controversial situations on a road. While choosing a model for resale, you should not be guided only by the price. This is just the case when it is better to sell an average price category model with acceptable quality and a small margin, than to try to sell cheap stuff at a price twice higher than the purchase price. Read reviews, buy high-quality goods. This is the only way you can get customers. Anti-radars, audio adapters, parking sensors and other things that are so necessary for drivers is possible to sell too.

The most interesting store on AliExpress are:

Azdome Official Store


store link

JADO Official Store 


store link

Conkim Official Store


store link


One of the best wholesale and dropshipping  items is bijouterie. In Ali stores it is really cheap products, and it is possible to get the better price if to contact with seller and discuss the partnership. You can find the same models of jewelry in boutiques of Russia and the price would be higher up to 10 times! If you sell the same jewelry at half price, the benefit is really great. Moreover, the delivery will cost much cheaper than selling big items. Before you purchase goods, you have to take into account trends. Just go to Instagram and pay attention to what Internet divas are currently wearing or advertising. Jewelry, like things, is seasonal. Here are the TOP rated stores:

CSJA Jewelry Official Store


store link

cwwzircons Official Store 


store link

XUPING JEWELRY Official Store 


store link

If you need more shops, it is better to read our article about the best jewelry sellers.

Nail art

That is another very profitable business. Many girls have a mini nail salon at home and almost every 10th goes to manicure courses. Moreover, some professional salons are ready to purchase different interesting accessories for nail design on Ali. I often purchase small lots of varnishes, stickers and rhinestones for nails, and I know for sure that they are much cheaper on AliExpress than in specialized boutiques. The most popular products are bases and tops, white gel varnishes, various foils and rhinestones. Here are the best stores:

VENALISA Official Store


store link

Pujiang Qiaoqiao Crystal Ltd


store link

KADS Official Store


store link

Also you can look through the TOP nail stores.

Before you launch this type of business, you have to study the demand for these products in your State and make a good business plan. Fortunately, there are enough examples on the Internet now. Otherwise, it will be very insulting if you invest a substantial amount, and the products will remain with you. 

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