TOP 10 Best Selling Products in August 2021 on Aliexpress

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August is over and summer, unfortunately, too. But we must go on. So, today you can read the list of the most popular products on Aliexpress in August. All information is kindly shared with us by Ali Baba Group from official reports. Sure, you will find links to the bestsellers too.

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10. Hair clips


There is no TOP list without cute and useful female tricks. This time, hair clips are here. This lot has just started its ascent. More than 8000 pcs were sold in a month.


9. Apple Watch straps


Smart watches from apple are not cheap, but their owners still want to save at least on accessories. It proves the popularity of this lot. There were sold over 10,000 pieces.


8. USB Type-C Cable


Charging cables for smartphones often surprise us because they don’t work anymore. If you need to purchase a new one, then let it be of good quality. Guided by this logic, Aliexpress's users buy this product very fast and write positive reviews.


7. Oil for fungus on the nails


This type of product is the first time in the Top list since we have started to publish it. Customers write that it really helps from the fungus. We recommend you to think about the responsibly and take such products only at your own risk.


6. Wireless earphones


People have been trying to get rid of wires for a long time. And headphones are no exception in this case. The model is compact and rather cheap. Despite the low price, customers are satisfied with the quality. This lot has been in the top for more than a month. Recently, more than 10,000 pieces have been sold.


5. Transparent double-sided adhesive tape


It's hard to imagine why people need tape so much, but the product is really popular. It is in our TOP list for several months. So, if people take it, then it is necessary.


4. Magnetic USB Cable


Here is our permanent resident of TOP lists. It has never left this list yet. However, the product has recently lost his leadership. In our opinion, its biggest disadvantage is the lack of support for fast charging. If it doesn't matter to you, then you can try it.


3. Xiaomi Redmi 10


This is already a traditional product for the category. It is another premiere in the TOP. This time, Xiaomi introduced a new tenth model from the Redmi line.


2. iPhone Cases


The situation with the product is like with straps. Apple lovers, surprisingly, save on everything, and even take covers directly from China. But that the quality of these cases is excellent. Customers are satisfied according to reviews.


1. RGB LED strip


It is the strangest product in this list. It could rise from the third to the first place in a month only. Perhaps we don't understand something, but we can’t understand the popularity of the product. We think that the area of using of it is not huge. Share your opinion in the comments.


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