Annabelle Fleur casual outfit compilation at Aliexpress

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Today we are analyzing one of the outfits of Annabelle Fleur. She is a style icon for me. I really like how she tucks up clothes. If you like this type of articles, I will make an items compilation of her style at aliexpress even more.

annabelle fleur gray coat

white chanel handbag

I'm as Annabelle a big fan of coats. So I have chosen this outfit. There is a very nice plaid coat in neutral tones in it. The outfit is stylish but it is for every day. She has combined PU pants with a black turtleneck and has put on a beauty coat. Almost every girl is dressed like that. For this you don’t need to understand fashion. However she has finished this style with Adidas steep sneakers, Chanel chic handbag and Ray Ban sunglasses.


How much are branded items of Annabelle Fleur

Unfortunately, the name of the manufacturer of the coat is not written anywhere but the price for it I have found in an online store, which she had advertised.

  • Coat - 248 $
  • Turtleneck - $ 29
  • PU leather pants - $ 30.99
  • Sneakers - $ 100
  • Ray ban sunglasses with transparent lenses - $ 168
  • Handbag from Chanel (Gabrielle Chanel Hobo Bag) - $ 3 600
  • Total - $ 4 176

This price excludes jewelry. It is not cheap, too. The exact cost of her sneakers I could not find. The price is approximate. For casual items the amount is huge. The most expensive is a Chanel handbag but without it the outfit will fall, so you can't delete it.

Outfit compilation at Aliexpress

Let's see what price Aliexpress offers to us. I am sure that it will be cheaper. I think that not all items will be copies, but you will be able to tuck up something as similar as possible.



I had found a lot of suitable models but I've chosen one that looks of that style.

Product link

Black turtleneck


Product link

PU pants


Product link

Sneakers like Adidas


Product link

Glasses like Ray Ban Aviator


Product link

Handbag like Gabrielle Chanel Hobo Bag


It is though a copy but the handbag is leather.

Product link

Total - $150

Total amount at Aliexpress is about $150. It is a good economy, is not it? And it looks neither worse. However don't forget these copies of brands are not equal to the originals. But the price of branded items is too high due to the brand name.

Choose things that you can afford. And remember in your style the main thing is not money but whether you have a taste or have not!

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