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Modern is one of the popular styles in the interior of flats and houses. Young people think that it is too expensive, but in fact the style could be rather cheap, modern and attractive. Modern is not so young, architectures use it since XVIII century. Firstly the style was used in architecture of Germany and Scandinavian Nations.

Modern is simple and doesn’t have analogues. Its style is perfect for non-standard apartments, studios and of a country house. It is characterized by the use of natural materials and not bright colors. Geometry, plants and metal are not excluded. And rounded shapes of furniture are always welcome.

If you want to follow the style, you can find a lot of useful things on AliExpress.



Special colors and forms of decorations of the room will help to follow the idea of modern style. It is enough to decorate with small details like long curtains, pillowcases, vases and flowers.

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Chandelier or lamp is the special part of decor. Crystal chandelier with metal coating will look really great. Moreover, it will create a lot of glare. Chandelier under the ceiling is perfect too. The scattering light is also the detail of modern style. You can choose sconces with round shades to add some light if it is necessary.

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Wall Sconce


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This kind of goods you can find in my article about Scandinavian decorations. This style is too similar with modern.


You have to choose the picture, according to the wall color. So, it can be upgraded with bright accessories like paintings, panels or even wallpaper with some prints.


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Monocolored linoleum or laminate could be perfect for the floor. Moreover, it is possible to use fitted carpet of any color. It is recommended to avoid carpets with thick pile. Also it is bad idea to use cold materials on the floor. They are stone or ceramic materials.

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When you are trying to choose furniture, you should keep in mind, that modern style is focused on soft design. Еhe smooth lines and lack of symmetry looks great. Try to find balance, when one line combines with another and looks like a plant.

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Folding stool


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It is difficult to follow modern when you are lack of money. But you can purchase several statuettes to get the real piece of art in your flat or house.

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