Aliexpress promo codes 2021: global and local discounts

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Promo codes appeared relatively recently on Aliexpress, but they have already become the main way to save money for millions of customers. We have collected the latest and most relevant promo codes in the article to let you always get a small discount on your purchases. So look here from time to time.

Details, Nuances, and Hidden Dangers

No one will give you a permanent and endless freebie. There are always some nuances. So, if you find that the code we have published does not work, do not despair. Just read all the details below and be patient.

Quantity is Always Limited

Promo codes have not only a limited use date, but also a limited number. Therefore, the earlier you use it, the more chances you have that it will not end.


There is also a restriction by country. Depending on the country one or another promo code may be applied to your purchase. At the moment, the following zones are allocated:

  • Russia and the CIS, without Ukraine;
  • Brazil;
  • Spain;
  • France;
  • Poland;
  • Korea;
  • The whole world, including Ukraine.

So, use promo codes for your country.

Promo Codes Types

There are four main types of promo codes:

  • for new users or for the first order;
  • for all products;
  • for specific product categories;
  • for specific products.

Also, do not forget that geographical restrictions apply to these types.


Unfortunately, you will not find many good promo codes all year round. The largest and the most interesting are issued exclusively for large sales such as: 11.11, Black Friday, Aliexpress birthday, etc. Slightly smaller codes can be found at small sales.

Also, brands often make world premieres of their products, where they also offer good promos at the start of sales. According to the practice, just during this period, for example, you can take a new phone at a very good price. Otherwise, after the end of the promotion, the price for it will greatly increase in the next few months.

Promo Codes for New byers

You can find permanent promo codes only for newbyers, or for people who have an account for a long time but have not made a single purchase yet. Thus, Aliexpress tried to increase the amount of active customers. You can always find such coupons working on our website, that are fresh and up-to-date.

Promo codes for March-April 2022

For all exclude CIS, RU, UA, ES, FR, BR, UZ, AM, KZ, TJ, BY, MD, AZ, TM, KG, GE, PL, KR, SA, MX, LK, NO, ID (28.03 – 01.04)

  • ANNI6 — $6 off $60
  • ANNI13 — $13 off $120
  • ANNI22 — $22 off $180
  • ANNI30 — $30 off $250

For South Africa (28.03 – 01.04)

  • ANNI25 — $2.6 off $25.9
  • ANNI38 — $5.2 off $38.9
  • ANNI51 — $7.8 off $51.9
  • ANNI130 — $19.5 off $129.8

For Brazil (28.03 – 01.04)

  • farofa30 — $30 off $400
  • farofa45 — $45 off $600
  • farofa60 — $60 off $800
  • farofa85 — $85 off $1100
  • farofa110 — $30 off $1400

For Poland (28.03 – 01.04)

  • AEOFERTY — $3 off $25
  • ZNIZKA — $6 off $41

For Spain (28.03 – 01.04)

  • AEAL4 — €4 off €29
  • AEAL8 — €8 off 59
  • AEAL14 — €14 off €99
  • AEAL19 — €19 off €129
  • AEAL30 — €30 off €199
  • AEAL45 — €45 off €299

For France (28.03 – 01.04)

  • 328FR01 — €1 off €5
  • 328FR04 — €4 off €20
  • 328FR07 — €7 off €50
  • 328FR15 — €15 off €110
  • 328FR22 — €22 off €149
  • 328FR30 — €30 off €199
  • 328FR45 — €45 off €299

Category sales

Anniversary Sale 2022

  • Warm Up – from 23 march 00:00 to 27 march 23:59 (PST)
  • Sale – from 28 march 00:00 to 1 april 23:59 (PST)

Sale Home


All promocodes are listed a little higher

World Premiere in Stock

Here we offer you links to products that have been presented recently. There are special promo codes that are available on the start of the current sale.

How to Use and Where to Enter Promo Codes on Aliexpress

You just need to take several steps:

  • Add the product to the cart;
  • Click on the "Checkout" button;
  • There will be a field for entering the code next to the purchase amount. Write the code down.

No one benefits from the difficult process. So use it and enjoy it. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments below. Also, subscribe to our Telegram channel to find other interesting and useful articles.

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