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Tatami is a traditional Japanese mattress that covers the floors instead of carpets for thermal insulation. Due to their structure, they easily retain heat and do not allow the legs and butt to freeze. This is especially important for the Japanese because there are people who honor ancient traditions. Most of them sleep and eat on the floor. The upper and lower parts are woven from igusa reeds, the middle is stuffed with rice straw, and the sides are covered with fabric. Nowadays, you can find tatami mattresses stuffed with synthetic fibers, the thermal insulation is not worse than with straw, but this affects the rigidity of the mattress.

Tatami mattresses are part of the cultural heritage of Japan so much that they even measure the area of the room. They have a strictly defined shape and size. However, they still differ depending on the region. Japanese calculate how many tatami mats will fit in a particular room before building a house.

Superstitious Japanese even have certain rules for the location of mats. It is forbidden to put it such a way that corners of three or four could converge. This variant is available only during the funeral.

There is always at least one room covered with such mats, even if the rest of the house is equipped in a European style in modern Japanese houses. The rooms are not necessarily covered from corner to corner with a tatami mat. A small combination with mats in the center of the room or in places where residents most often walk or sit down is enough.

Tatami mats are used in educational institutions of martial arts in our countries. They can also be found in some gyms, however, they are modernized from the common with traditional tatami. So, there is the original name only and the product differs from the original one.

If you are a fan of Japanese culture, then you have definitely thought about purchasing such a mat. There is a small choice on Aliexpress, but Chinese mats do not adhere to the rules of a strictly defined size and shape at all. You can find both large tatami mats and its size would be 1.5x1.5metres, which will immediately cover most part of the room and small models of different sizes.

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