Beautiful white lingerie at Aliexpress | Review

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I really liked this lingerie very much. I'm not a fan of half-naked photos, I agreed to this not simply. But that you would understand the beauty of this kit, it was necessary.

Women in white lingerie


The quality is great. I expected something worse. But on the body, this lingerie looks nice. I fell in love in this kit, even wrapped neatly in a beautiful bag and left it for special cases.

Laces have their own unique design that you will not find anywhere except on other expensive kits. Gently and pleasantly touch the body. Excellent stretch, but do not deteriorate from this. There was not a single protruding thread. All sewn well. All nodules are hidden. Bones soft, most likely of soft plastic.

Cups have a thin layer of foam rubber on the bottom of the bra. Only two millimeters. Good lifts my chest, shows more beautifully. Original straps with lace are associated with angel wings. It's great that it is of standard width, and not the same as usually do in China 1 cm.

Bra cups



White lace macro



Panties also perfectly fitted. Nowhere is nothing squeezes, in appearance resemble a little panties-shorts with a low waistline.

White lace panties


I bought the size 34B, although I have 34A. I was very worried that it might not fit, and it would be big. But no, even it is small. As a result, it was normal for my breasts. And the panties are normal too, although I do not have a standard figure, big buttocks and small breasts.

My sizes

  • Above the chest — 80
  • Chest — 84
  • Under chest — 71
  • Hips — 95

white lace bra

little women chest

Beautiful bra

Always I complexed because my bust is not so big, so I bought brassieres only with push up. If I knew that laces look at me so well, then I never wore push up.

Girl women underwear

White lingerie

With this underwear, I bought another two kits, which I also was satisfied. There are a lot of similar lingerie at Aliexpress, and soon I will buy something else.

Nice girl in the lingerie

As I said, the kit is super. And, of course, I recommend it to you. Thank you all for attention, I wish you more successful purchases

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