Joom vs Aliexpress: What's better?

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I noticed that more and more people are actively use the online store Joom. Among my friends, many of them prefer it instead of Aliexpress. I was wondering what makes people do this. So, I solved to compare these platforms, and their pros and cons.

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What do Aliexpress and Joom have the same

  • One of the most obvious things is that both Aliexpress and Joom are from China.
  • Both stores have a great assortment of goods.
  • Moreover, many goods are the same. So, I think that both Internet sites have the same sellers, respectively, and the quality of things should not differ.
  • Delivery of the product takes the same time, because it does not depend on the site, but on the recipient country, the sender country, and the type of delivery.
  • Both sites have a convenient mobile app.
  • Delivery is not only from China.

Joom advantages


  • Free shipping for 90% of goods.
  • Worldwide delivery (at the moment, July 2020, Aliexpress does not send parcels to a number of countries, and not all types of goods are sent to all countries at all).
  • Some goods are cheaper than on Aliexpress. These are mostly small things.
  • Disputes are fairer. The probability of winning a dispute is higher if the good is damaged, and get a good compensation.
  • The dispute is resolved exclusively by the site administration, and the decision is made very quickly, literally within a day. The seller's arguments are not taken into account in this case.
  • A refund to the card is received within 24 hours.
  • Here is more simple ordering process.
  • Personal account is easier to fulfill.
  • Frequent distribution of coupons.
  • Good technical support. They respond in all common languages.

Weak points of Joom

  • There is no direct tie with the seller.
  • Unusual good filtering.
  • The total number of goods is smaller.
  • Less well-known brands are represented.
  • When viewing the list of products in the category, the number of orders is not visible. You can see just the rating of seller.
  • Unusual good profile and location of reviews.
  • Less various promotions and sales, although it may be for the

Interesting fact

If you open a dispute about a discrepancy in the size or quality of the product (not obvious reasons), you will receive a full refund if you prove that you will not use this item. As a proof, the administration asks for a photo or video of you burning or otherwise damaging the purchased good. This is the way of how the company fights against those who abuse the client protection system. I think it's very funny.

I would also like to note that after the pandemic, Joom was the first company, which has announced that it is again sending parcels to many countries, when Aliexpress still does not know that air traffic with China is gradually being restored.

What is better to purchase on Joom

Choose inexpensive products as your first purchases. If you want to understand how Joom works, don't limit yourself with the only order. Thus, you will not be able to draw an objective conclusion. There are less good in comparison with Aliexpress, but there is still a huge amount of goods.

The catalog is quite extensive. You can use the link for convenience. Here you will find the full list of Joom categories of the trade platform. 

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