TOP 10 Best Selling Products in April 2021 on Aliexpress

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It's time to look at the results of April. Let's see what people bought most last month on Aliexpress. The article is based on the reports of Alibaba Group. So, we have compiled this rating for you once again and now we can see what has changed this time

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10. POCO F3 5G


From the first days of release, the POCO F3 became a bestseller. A large PR company gave the effect and more than 10,000+ smartphones were sold in April only by the seller. So, just imagine the total number of sales on the whole Aliexpress.


9. Headband


Headbands have become very popular on Ali for the last six months. What is the reason of it?


8. I7s TWS Wireless Headphones


These headphones are in many our TOP lists. People still actively buy it, as if in case of an apocalypse. Perhaps some people purchase it for resale because it is possible to earn at least 100%. Think about it!


7. Gel lacquers


If you follow our articles, you know that these lacquers appear and disappear from the TOP list. Most likely, many students finish their education and choose their future. Some of them solve to tie their life with manicure. This is not only a creative, but also a well-paid job, but investing money in gel lacquers will pay off in full.


6. Computer Safety Glasses


The thing is really necessary in our time, when many people work and study remotely. There were sold over 20,000 pcs in April.


5. Sunglasses


This is the best-selling accessory during the warm season. That is so not only on Aliexpress, but also in other platforms. Sunglasses are not only the tool for the protection of the eyes from direct sunlight, but also the protection of the skin around the eyes, which also suffers a lot. There were sold 20,000+ pcs in the last month. It is a pity that people are led by the price, and not by the quality. The glasses aren't even polarized.


4. Shoe Eraser


According to the reviews, this is a great thing. White sneakers always need care. There is no wonder that this product was bought so many times.


3. Push-up leggings


Women use so many ways to look attractive! The easiest way is to mask the problem areas. These legends can highlight and make more attractive even a perfect ass, but it will draw attention to a small or sagging ass in the same time. The opinion is made after viewing real photos and reviews. You can see it for yourself.


2. Transparent Adhesive Tape


This product is very popular at any time. It was sold over 146,000 pcs and 20,000 of them were sold in April only. According to the comments, the quality is high.


1. Magnetic USB Cable


We haven't done the analysis, but it's probably the bestseller of 2020, according to the fact that it's almost always at the top of our TOP list. We also bought these cables, but we are not happy. They are easy to use, but they charge the phone very slow and it is necessary to try to make it work. Maybe we just got a defective one? We do believe that there is nothing better than the original charging!


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