TOP 10 Best Selling Products in September 2020 on Aliexpress

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September has finished and now it is October. Due to the fact, we have prepared for you TOP-10 best-selling products on Aliexpress in September. We remind you that this TOP list is based on the official report of Alibaba Group.

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10. Protective Case with a Camera Shutter for IPhone


According to the number of sales of this product, there are a lot more paranoids than we expected. Hacking is a common thing in the cyber world, so the feeling that we are being followed is not so unreasonable. These cases help you believe that nobody is looking for you via your iPhone, that’s why many people purchase the goods.


9. Brush Set


This is a set with various brushes for every color and size. The price is attractive. There are more than 10,000 deals over the past month, which brings these products closer to 70,000 sales.


8. iPhone Protective Glass


According to the price of iPhones, it is not surprising that every buyer tries to keep their phone in good condition. The safety glass helps save your iPhone.


7. Quick Charger with Multiple Connectors


This product came to us from the TOP list for July. By the way it was in the same 7th place too. That is a convenient device that allows you to charge several devices via USB. It is very convenient thing for traveling.


6. 60 FFP2 Masks


We only breathed more freely after COVID-19, and we are faced with the second wave of lockdown. Unfortunately, the situation obliges us to take all precautions, including wearing masks. The most responsible ones are already being purchased with various means of protection, and this lot turned out to be very useful. The favorable price and quality of masks make this product very popular. If you want more, you can check out the TOP list of masks and respirators.


5. Non-contact Infrared Thermometer


There are even two models of thermometers are in the TOP list. They are in different price categories and, accordingly, the quality is different. Despite the fact that the sales rating of this device is 4.8, it is still only in 5th place. There were sold 20,000 units in September.


4. Medical Masks


Undoubtedly, masks have become the most popular accessory in 2020. I hope that we will see the day when their mandatory wearing will be canceled and they will no longer appear in every TOP list.


3. Silicone Cases for iPhones


It's hard to imagine what the seller wanted to say in the title: "the official silicone case with logo for iPhone", but it really helped in sales a lot. That is so even despite the fact that there is still no logo on it.


2. Magnetic USB Cable


That is already a regular position in our Top lists. Sales of this cable are close to the 100,000 pcs for all time, and that is the largest record we have seen before. The thing is very useful and convenient. Some people purchase several products at once.


1. Non-contact Infrared Thermometer


This product confidently moved to the first place in comparison with the previous month. Obviously, the situation with COVID-19 forces everyone to purchase such devices. The increased demand gave +40,000 sales for this month.


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