Aliexpress Black Friday 2020 | Where to get discounts

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It's already mid-November, and it means that there will be a worldwide Black Friday sale. Aliexpress did not miss the opportunity to earn money and has also joined the fight for customers. Unfortunately, Asian sellers are not as generous as Western ones. Discounts are actually great in Europe and in the USA, but you can also find products on Aliexpress at a price "slightly cheaper". While reading the article, you could understand how to save money and to get, what you need.

Official Black Friday page:


Sale Steps

  • Warm up – 18.11.2020, 00.00 (PT time) to 22.11.2020, 23.59 (PT time).
  • Sale –  23.11.2020, 00.00 (PT time) to 27.11.2020 23.59 (PT time).

How to Save Money on Black Friday

Fill Your Shopping Cart

As many of us could understand during the recent 11.11, the main discounts are very limited. Some large stores cut off support for select coupons in the first seconds, and promo codes are always limited. Therefore, add items to your cart during the warm-up period and purchase the product in the first seconds of the start of the sale period.

Select coupons

This way to save money is the most ambiguous. It's incredibly profitable, but it doesn't always work. The use of special coupons for a product is often limited. You can get the coupons in the following ways:

  • In the mobile app of Aliexpress;
  • on the main sale page;
  • in all thematic pages from the section " Discounts by category»;
  • on almost every promotional page, at the very top, in the header.
  • You can exchange coupons for coins. If you don't know what it is yet, you can read our article about the coins.

Store Coupons

That is the most popular type of coupons. You can find it there:

Aliexpress Coupons

This is the most profitable type of coupons. They work for all products, but the amount is limited. You can use it for several products from different stores. You can find them during Black Friday there:

Check in every day for 5 days and you can get a coupon for 10$. Don't miss a single day, otherwise you'll have to start over. There are a limited number of them, so check in on time on the last day.



There are 2 types of promo codes:

Aliexpress Promo Code. This type can be used for absolutely any product. But, unfortunately, it cannot be combined with the same aliexpress coupon, then you will have to choose what is more profitable for you in this case. 

Valid Time:2020.11.23 00:00 (PST) - 2020.11.27 23:59:59 (PST)

For all countries, Ucraine include (without Russia and СНГ)

  • 2020FRIDAY – 8$ off 80$
  • BLACKFRIDAY420 – 4$ off 20$ 
  • BLACKFRIDAY305 – 5$ off 30$
  • ALIEXPRESSBF7 – 7$ off 50$
  • ALIEXPRESSBF9 – 9$ off 90$
  • ALIEXPRESSBF12 – 12$ off 110$

For NEW BUYERS - all countries, Ucraine include (without Russia and СНГ)

  • AEBFNEW2020 – 4$ off 5$

The Store's Promo Code. It is used and combined with all other types of coupons, but it is usually given for a specific product. You can find it near the product card. Sometimes they are written on the product photos themselves.

Work with Trustful Sellers

We recommend you purchase only from those sellers, which have a good rating. It is necessary to do to avoid unpleasant incidents. Or you can view our selection of #TOP stores. Large stores usually manipulate the price less, and if they make a discount, it is real. Products with the best offers are on the main promotional page of the same store.

Aliexpress Games

Nothing has changed here. There is a standard set of games: Flip 'n' Win, Bubble Challange and magic garden. All of them are available in the mobile app. The first two games can be played through the browser.

Shopping Guide

There's nothing to write about the different categories. They are so common that they are repeated from year to year. There are pages in the style of "TOP brands", "Bestsellers", etc. If you are interested in it, follow them through the Official Shopping Guide.


Black Friday is an echo of 11.11. You won’t find so many preferences in this case. You can save a bit if you snatch a couple of Aliexpress coupons, or have time to use promo codes. If you want to purchase a lot of things not from sellers of branded electronics, then the special coupons will really help you. Sellers of smartphones and tablets don’t usually use it. Others keep them for the entire sale period. If you try to understand all the details, you can still snatch something for yourself. Have a nice shopping experience.

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