10 useful Aliexpress things under 5$

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Every one of us wants his or her residence to be as pleased and comfortable for life as it’s possible. Together with the desire to have nice interior one tries to purchase many useful tools or gadgets. They are not huge and so do not just make the image of broad diversity but also expand the available space without cluttering up all the corners.      

Our favorite Aliexpress filled with the certain items. Especially with those that could be purchased for less and up to 5$. They bring the diversity and will be always available.

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Mini screwdriver with exchangeable nozzles


This compact item is great decision for those who wants to have a free space and doesn’t like to keep huge tool-cases and boxes at home.


Pocket knife sharpener


Extremely useful item, especially if there is no enough kitchen space at home.


Small hooks on two-side sticky tape


If you prefer minimalistic interior decisions and “invisible” tools, you may purchase these small hooks. They can be applied not only to hold towels, but different kitchen stuff as well. It could be bottles, bags or keys. The hooks are easy in application and take up just a little wall space.


Portable LED lump


These LED portable lumps were invented for those who often spend much time working on notebook. The lump won’t allow its owner to ruin his\her eyesight when they have to carefully search for the correct letter on the keyboard and at the same time won’t disturb the sleeping relatives with bright light. Thanks to the adapter, this lump can be charged not only from the notepad but from the power bank or socket as well.


Pocket key organizer


Many of us often suffer from forgetfulness and cannot remember while staying outdoors whether they have left the key in the locker or in another jacket. For sure key fob can help but they are not always comfortable to use. Especially if keys rip the clothes or bags pocket and make the hole. For these cases it’s better to have pocket key organizer. It’s useful to keep keys safe and in order.


Vacuum storage bag for clothes


These cases are very useful if you need to protect your clothes from rubbish, dust, pets’ hairs or moth. They can be used at home and during the journey as hanger both to transport and to keep the folded outfits.


Mesh shoes laundry bag\net


It’s also important to take care about your shoes, especially sportive once. The members of young generation pay attention to their health and for them it’s important to keep their sneakers in good condition. It allows diminishing the injuries and rubbings. One way to take care of shoes is laundry. However it’s well-known that this method of washing can spoil the shoes’ look. The way to protect your sneakers is to use special net-bag that allows preserving the shoes’ form from spoiling in the washing machine. Also after the laundering the bag is very easy to dry.


Chair covers


If there is lack of finance for improving the interior, such thing as chair\furniture cover will become quite a useful support. Aliexpress has a huge variety of links on covers of all tones and colors for chairs, armchairs and sofas.


Table placemats set


Another quite a useful item for interior is a set of table doilies. They are usually put under plates or platters to protect tablecloth or surface.


Portable sewing kit


At the conclusion I would like to highlight the attention also on this handy kit of sewing items that will be always useful both at home and while travelling. The set takes just a little space and every item has its own place. With it there is no chance that any needle accidently hurts you.


And this is not the whole list of useful and convenient items. I’m sure you can continue it by yourself. In comments you can share the ideas of things that you use to facilitate your daily activities.

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