8 Smart Xiaomi products for your home at Aliexpress

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It's no secret that Xiaomi manufacturers a lot of products, but not only smartphones. We will not describe their assortment, but there are things that can make your home life easier and expand the features of familiar items. Moreover, the gadgets are also "smart". It means they can be controlled from a smartphone. These are the things that will make up our TOP list today. We offer you 8 products from Xiaomi that will make your life easier.

Not all Xiaomi products are produced with this logo. There are several subsidiaries with different names.

Xiaomi Electric Kettle


The first question that you have while looking at the kettle: what is the difference of the model from others if you can forget about the futuristic design? It can be turned on and turned off remotely via the smartphone, and it can also be integrated into the smart home system. You can turn on the kettle while lying on the sofa, without getting up once again. Just take the tea when the water is boiled. Just don't forget to pour water into the kettle. By the way, the heating temperature can also be regulated and maintained at the desired degree using the app.


Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scales


Such floor scales are needed in every home. They are unique and can describe your overall body structure, whether you have enough water in your body, what is your BMI, and how much visceral fat surrounds your organs. All the information is recorded in the MiFit app, where you can track the dynamics of weight and the state of your body. We have personal experience of using these scales. A little later there will be a review. But now I will tell that it is great!


Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner-Mop


It is a dream of any woman to have a clan house while she could rest or take care about herself. This is a reality due to the existence of robot vacuum cleaners with a wet cleaning function. Xiaomi gadgets differ in the ability to control the vacuum cleaner using a smartphone. This model can draw a map of the apartment and go around the places that are indicated on it.


Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer


Несмотря на то что на данном аппарате отсутствует лого Cяоми, можете не сомневаться, что это их продукт, однако выпускается он под брендом iHealth /Berrcom. Термометр имеет функцию запоминания цифр, на случай если вы забывчивы.


Automatic Petkit


The automatic pet kit for animals is really necessary if you are going to go somewhere for a day or two and you are afraid that your pet will remain hungry. It connects to your home Wi-Fi. You can set up to 10 feedings.


Xiaomi mi Duka Tape


The tape can measure any surface, even an arc-shaped one. It is suitable for both fashion designers and household measurements. It has 8 functions including diameter calculation. The maximum measurement length is 99 meters


Mi Air Purifier


That is a very important and necessary thing for your home. It will not only prevent dust on the surface, but also clean your home from unpleasant odors and flying particles of bacteria, allergens and mold.


Home Monitoring Sensors


Sets of sensors can keep the whole house under control: motion sensors, heat sensors, sensors for opening and closing doors and windows. There are also common household sensors that signal smoke or high humidity. The information can be transmitted to your phone using the Agora Hup via Wi-Fi.


Look at the other necessary home things that will help you make your life easier.

There are definitely more useful smart home goods. We will add it to the TOP list a bit later. Please, write the comments, what is better to add here. 

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