Brands shopping week 2020 – the biggest summer sale on Aliexpress

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The biggest summer sale calls “Brands shopping week”. It has been held every year for several years. Let's see what we can save and get real discounts.

Sale home page:


Dates and Stages

Promotion Period starts at 00:00 (PST) on August 19 and it finishes on August 23, 23:59 (PST). It's time to collect coupons and add products to the cart to catch everything.

The Sale will start at 00:00 (PST) on August 24 and will run until August 28 at 23:59 (PST). This time you should place orders and enjoy savings.

Ways to Save Money

All the main actions take place during the Promotion Period. It is very important to find necessary goods that you are going to purchase and add it to your cart. Firstly, you will get coins for adding items to your cart. Secondly, many select coupons work only in the first minutes of the sale. So, you will not have time to search and add the necessary goods later.

Don't forget to read What is it coupons.

Collect Select Coupons

Where to find it:

  • This type of coupon is found on every Sale Page of both Aliexpress and Stores, which take part in the promotion.
  • You can get it in the mobile app
  • You can also get it by exchanging them for coins

If you want to know more, we advise you to read article Aliexpress coins. What is it.

Aliexpress Coupons

These are the most profitable coupons but unfortunately it is difficult to get. Its advantage is that it can be used to purchase all items from the cart, even if the goods are from different sellers.

Sometimes you can find it on different sales pages or the coupons are given out for different achievements. Unfortunately, there is no more specific information. There are a couple of limited Aliexpress coupons. You can get it from these links. If they are not available, then they have already been disassembled.

0.67$ off 2$ -

1.33$ off 3.99$ -

Sometimes you can get it by exchanging for coins. But this is impossible on the start of the sale. So, you should check the exchange page, the coupons may appear there. The link is just above.

Read our article about How to apply few coupons for the one order.

Seller’s Copupons

There are no problems with it. You can find these coupons everywhere:

Save Money with Trustful Sellers

Many people declare that there are no discounts on Ali and the sales are a fraud. That is true if you don’t care about searching for the trustful store and high quality items. You can save money on Aliexpress during the sale period.

So, it is better to work with trustful seller. They are distinguished by a high rating. As a rule, its rating above 97% and sales rating is over the 1,000. Here you should study either by yourself, or follow our TOP lists of such sellers using the hash tag #Top Stores.

In the Sale period different stores have special pages. Search products on these pages. Don’t to use common catalog or searching system. Here is an example of Redmi Note 9 Pro from the same seller. One model is opened through the list of products, the other one - through the promotion page. One has a price $209, another $217.

Promo codes

There are two types of promocodes: the first is issued by Ali itself and it applies to all products, the second is given directly from the store. The first promo codes are difficult to find, that is like Aliexpress coupons. The second one can be find under the products, which you are looking through.

For all countries exclude Russia and CIS (СНГ)

2020BSW07 – $7 off $50

2020BSW10 – $10 off $90

2020BSW12 – $12 off $110

For Russia and CIS (СНГ) exclude Ukraine

alimshake200 – 200 rub off 1 600 rub

alimshake828at30 – 300 rub off 2 400 rub

For new buyers

NEWBSW4 - $4 off $5

General Sale Pages

TOP Brands


The page consists on the several blocks. Here you will see items with discounts from well-known brands that are available on the website. Links to stores of these brands are below.

Page link: 



Here are products that have high rating. All of them are the best sellers.

The list of goods is formed based on what you buy/view or add to your cart and favorites. Therefore, you should take a closer look at this category.

Large seller’s coupons are also distributed here. The time to get it is limited. Everything depends on your speed.

Page link: 

Weekly deals


This category includes items that have the lowest price for the last month. Keep in mind that the price is not relative to other products, but relative to its own price.

Page link: 

Top raking


That is the category with the best sellers of the last 30 days. It works rather strange now but we hope that the problem would be solved soon.

Page link: 

The Game “Energy Lab”

You can find it just in the mobile app on the main page. You are asked to choose the good that you want to win. Then you can get the info about the point price of it, and give you the opportunity to earn these points. You have to invite friends to the app, like stores, add goods to the cart, and so on to achieve the goal.

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