What to get a girl for Valentine's day at Aliexpress

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The most romantic of the year, St. Valentine's Day is coming. Many lovers wait for it as it's indeed their holiday. You can even feel this exiting and romantic atmosphere.

To choose the present for 14th of February it's not an easy thing. Thus it's better to start thinking already now. Especially when your sweetie is quite picky or you're just getting to know each other.

There are many factors that define a choice. From the age of your girl to her hobbies, temper and even her favorite color. Unfortunately you won't find a universal solution.

New relationship

If you've just meet each other, then your gift can be simple but elegant. If the girl is not greedy she will be pleased with any sign of your attention.

Always popular things are roses, chocolate or just a romantic date. And don't forget to present a Valentine card as well.

Long-term relationship

If you've already stayed together for long, then present her something more valuable. If your wage is not so high, more expensive gifts will tell her about the seriousness of your relationship. Good present is also a sign of love. If you have enough money then everything is in your hands: her favorite perfume, expensive makeup, romantic dinner, gold and jewelry or a memorable journey – the choice is yours!

Family relationship

According to my reports most of the married women wait nothing on this day. All they need is your attention; however I'm sure that they'd appreciate a bouquet of flowers from you. And it's not to mention the valuable gifts. Pay attention to your beloved.

What to buy on Aliexpress to a girlfriend

There are lots of options on Ali. You can find many items of different qualities. Unfortunately, you will have to spend more than an hour to choose something special. That's why I've decided to save your time and prepared a list of gifts that you could present to your girlfriend in different occasions including the 14th of February.

Vase (Flower support)


It would be perfect for romantic girl, housewife or creative person. Just don't forget to fill it up with flowers.


Heart Shaped Nightlight


Good choice if you've just started your dates but you know that she loves romantic. You can present this gift to her with such words: “When I see you, my heart shines like this!”


Rose soap box


I consider it as a very nice and original present for any girl that likes beauty. 


There is a cheaper analog but it's not so pretty.



Rose in glass


Unbelievably beautiful and handsome souvenir. According to the description the rose is natural.


There is also another variant.



Scented bath bombs + essential oils (set)


Very nice and useful set. You can take a romantic bath with rose petals and champagne. Choose together what oils you prefer today and which scented “bomb” to use.


Makeup set


Try Missha sets. It's well known Korean makeup brand. This gift fits young ladies from 25 thanks to its moisturizing and caring abilities and prevention of premature skin ageing. There are many interesting things in this store. You can combine great gift set by yourself. If you think that this brand is too expensive than choose something from Chinese cosmetics brands.


Unicorn toy


The age of bear toys has ended. Now it's time for new Unicorn trend. It's indeed a very nice surprise for a girl up to 23.




Now it's impossible to imagine our lives without a smartphone. Everybody has it: from children to pensioners. Thanks to the market specialists many girls like I-phones and the newer the better it is. However if your girl is not greedy then buy her one from Xiaomi or Huawei. For you we have a good list of the best Chinese smartphone stores.


Gold jewelry


Can't say that all girls prefer gold and other jewelry, but many of them indeed feel “naked” without it. Pay attention to your sweeties' hands, ears and neck. If there are jewelry items than she will be glad for such a gift. This ring for example is 14-carats 585 gold.


Leather wallet


Another good option is a leather wallet. Ladies after 25 enjoy such gifts. This present will look decent and presentable.


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