TOP 10 best selling products in March 2023 at Aliexpress

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March is over, and this means that it's time to take stock of the most purchased items on Aliexpress over the past month. This time the rating turned out to be full of unexpected surprises and unique finds that deservedly won the attention of buyers. All data presented in this article is based on the official statistics of Alibaba Group, which guarantees the accuracy of the information.

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10. LILYCUTE Gel Nail Polishes


LILYCUTE is one of the most popular brands on Aliexpress. These gel polishes allow you to easily and quickly create a beautiful and durable manicure at home. You can choose from a huge number of shades - from delicate pastels to bright and saturated colors. Over 10,000 bottles have been sold.


9. iPhone charging port cover


This product may be useful for users who travel frequently and want to protect their phone from moisture and dust. The plug is easily inserted into the port and provides reliable protection.


8. Magsafe Magnetic Case for iPhone


This is a new charging format for iPhone that allows you to quickly and safely charge your phone. The MagSafe magnetic case was one of the top-selling items on Ali for March. The case has a magnetic support, which makes it easy and quick to set the phone for charging.


7. Female vibrator


This is one of the best-selling products not only in the category of intimate products, but also in general for the previous month. Sellers offer a huge variety of models - from simple to more advanced ones with a heating function and a control panel.


6. SSD drive


It is a high-speed storage device that has become very popular among PC and laptop users. They provide faster access to data and faster computer performance. Most people prefer this storage medium, which explains its active sales.


5. USB Type-C cable


This is a cable that is used to transfer data and charge various devices. It has a compact size and user-friendly design, which makes it convenient to use. The cable is suitable for most modern devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. More than 10,000 units of this cable were sold last month.


4. Protective glass for iPhone


It serves to protect the screen from scratches, chips and other damage. The glass has a special coating that provides good sensitivity and image brightness. Due to the high quality, buyers often purchase several pieces at once.


3. Men's trimmer


The men's trimmer has become an indispensable accessory for men who take care of their appearance. This trimmer has many features and attachments that allow you to trim your hair and beard in a variety of styles. It's also easy to clean and recharge, making it the perfect choice for everyday use.


2. Portable perfume bottle


This device allows you to always have your favorite fragrance with you. The bottle has a compact size and attractive design, making it the perfect choice for travel. It fills easily with your favorite spirit and doesn't spill.


1. Lenovo LP40 Wireless Headphones


Headphones from Lenovo became the real bestseller of Aliexpress for March. They have a modern design and impressive sound quality, providing high definition and depth of sound. In addition, ease of use is ensured by the quick pair function and automatic music playback after taking it out of the device. Over 30,000 pieces have been sold.


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Thus, March 2023 brought us many interesting surprises in the ranking of the best-selling products on Ali. Some of them debuted in the Top 10 for the first time, which adds intrigue and variety to our monthly selections. Your opinions and impressions are very important to us, so share your thoughts in the comments: what product impressed you, and what was expected, but did not make it to the list? Don't forget to subscribe to our Telegram channel to be aware of new collections.

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