Sale 11.11 has just finished and the new one was launched on ALiExpress. They are "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday", which will follow one after the other. Do not expect that you will be given everything for free. It is necessary to know some details to get goods with a great discount. The real savings will come only with the use of coupons and promo codes. Also, it is urgent to purchase the goods just in a trustful companies. Do not expect that the goods you need will be cheaper during the sales. You should act but it is necessary to know what to do. We wrote the article to help you with this.

Black Friday Homepage:


Dates and Stages 2019

  • 22-28 November — warm-Up
  • 29 November 00:00 PT - 2 December 24:00 PT — Black Friday (sale)
  • 2 December — Cyber Monday

How to save as much as possible

Collect Coupons

Coupons can be collected from 22 to 29 November. This stage can not be skipped, because it gives the chance to save your money. You can get coupons while exchanging them for coins or even taking them from sellers or visiting the "Coupon Center".

Don’t forget that special coupons will be able to use just while the campaign. Before the data you couldn’t use it.

Buy at trustful stores

We know that some sellers increase prices before the campaign. It is necessary to drop it later. But in fact they propose the average price, which occur in common time. Real discounts you can get in trustful companies only. They have the high rate on AliExpress. You can fond Aliexpress TOP stores on our website.

How to Save Money on products Out of Sale

If you have previously added goods to your wishlist and the goods don’t participate in the campaign, you should check again through the main page of the sale and other related pages, whether there is something you need, but with a discount. Also you can check the same at the TOP stores. If that didn't help you, there is another way to save a couple of dollars.

So, you should enter you wishlist. Near to every good is written the name of shop, where is possible to purchase it. Go to all the webpages of sellers that relate to your products and see which kind of coupons they offer on the main page or in the section "Sale items".


There is a chance to get a coupon and even to find the good a bit cheaper.


Where to Take Coins and How to Use It

You can get it while playing the games in the mobile app AliExpress. There are a lot of different games. Also you can add items to your wishlist while the warm up period. It is better to read in details What is Aliexpress coins.

Use Promocodes

It is also possible to use promos to increase your discount.

  • aliexpressmaniablack5 gives 8$ off 60$
  • Friday10 gives 10 off 100$
  • Friday15 gives 15 off 150$

Overview of Sections

Save Money With Special Coupons


In this category, all goods are divided into three groups. When you buy items from the first group, you can get a discount of $2 off $15 if you use a special coupon. In the second group there is $6 off $65 and in the third group it is $8 off $150 for all products from the list. Ali makes the sections for every user. The choice is based on his interests and previous searches.

Category link:

Invite Your Friend


This time Ali could surprise with a new action "invite a friend". When you invite a new user, you will receive a coupon of $5 per every person, but no more than 10 per month, and the invited gets $19 coupons. For the invited person the action is a one-time, unless he decides to use this feature too. By the way, it seems to me that the action will always be relevant, not only on black Friday.

If you are on AliExpress just the first time, you can create account while following my link =)

Big clearance


That is a section that offers discounts over 70%. As usual, these discounts will be either fake or given to few people to the right products. Really good products from trustful stores have a discount of no more than 10%-15%.

Category link:



This section offers discounts on the most popular products on the market, which may be of interest to you. You can choose the category you are interested in it and see what is relevant now and what is bought on Ali by other users.

Category link:

Top Brands


In the category "Top Brands" there is a daily distribution of coupons on time from different sellers. Here you can get really great offers, which you will not get anywhere else. For example $100 off $200. The most interesting offer was for video recorders. The seller proposes discount $80 off $80.01.

Coupons can be collected during 12 hours and its amount is limited. Nobody wants to sell goods for fee. So, try to collect the coupons to save a lot of money and get the necessary good.

Discounts According to the Category

This section is active every sale, and it always works the same. There are different goods of the same category, which is possible to purchase with the lower price.


In the categories you can find a good discounts. For example, select "Luggage & Bags", scroll to the block "The Bestsellers" and look through the items.


Under each store you can see the best discounts of it. Please note that good discounts is possible to get if you spend a lot of money. That is the rule.

But you can find better deals, for example, the ACELURE store has coupons of $10 off $100 spend. 

Shopping guide

If you want to look through the all sections and study all the nuances himself, can scroll through the official "shopping guide". There are written all the rules of this campaign.

Cyber Monday

In spite of a fact that the campaign was announced, there is no information about it at all. As soon as we know something, we will update this article. So come back often to know more about AliExpress features. 

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