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Future moms care about buying a pram and collecting things to maternity house. Also they often suffer from the issue of purchasing furniture to the baby room. The first thing that pregnant girls face with is the choice of a bed for bay. There are a lot of different models on the market. It can be round, oval, classic rectangular, with a transverse or longitudinal pendulum. When you have chosen the bed (it will be the main thing in the baby room), you should organize the place for playing.


Future parents need to purchase bumpers for bed to prevent injuries, when baby will be in the bed. There are different models on the market and the most popular are made of foam rubber or microfibers. The materials looks attractive and can solve its tasks good.






Baby can focus on different things by the end of the first month of his life. So, the mobile will help to do that.


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Spring Toy

Soft spring toy is better to attach to the baby bed. Later you may use it on the pram or child car seat. You should prefer developing models with vibration, rattles, whistles and teethers.


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When it is cold in the outdoor, radiator should be switched on to make temperature comfortable in the flat. But the air becomes dry. It is necessary to warm it. If the air is not moist enough, dust particles and microbes move very quickly in it, which will easily get into the respiratory system. Moreover, modern humidifiers are backlit, and thus you do not have to buy a night lamp.


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Pictures and Paints

Don’t forget about the wall decoration. You can purchase several paints at the same style or even buy something for children of 4 – 7 years old. The world map, animal images and other paints would be perfect to understand that the world is different. There are flora and fauna. The wall pain is also good variant.


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The wall decoration is not limited to paintings. Modern shelves are striking in their diversity. This décor can be used really long. You can place there animal figures for kids and the older children will be able to store books and other goods on the shelves.


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Children’s House

It is really good thing, where children can organize everything in compliance with its preferences. It would be peaceful private territory.


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These are the main goods you can purchase before the baby birth. Also it is possible to ask relatives or friends present it. All the rest depends on you.

 So, good luck and take care!

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