Top 10 cool things for home on aliexpress

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Very often I find cool products. I make bookmarks so that I can buy them later. Our top will consist of such items. Each of it can be useful in your home. And let’s begin. Top 10 useful products for home at Aliexpress.

Water quality tester Xiaomi


This tester can be useful both at home and in the camping trip, if you decide to drink water from the spring. It analyzes water for the presence of living organisms, heavy metals and salts. As a result, it outputs a numeric result. On the table below you can see what value is acceptable for drinking water.

1 3


Broom and Mop Holder


Tools for cleaning need to be stored somewhere. If you have a pantry, where it's all located, it is much more convenient to have such a holder than each time you put and take it from the floor.

2 1

Держатель для швабры

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Refrigerator Shelves

Полки для холодильника

No matter how large your refrigerator is, there is always not enough space for storing small things. With this will cope with these small sliding shelves, which will fit absolutely to any model of the refrigerator.


Wireless doorbell


The times when it was necessary to connect the wires to the door-bell were long gone. This button works without batteries, and the bell itself is plugged into the outlet. Bells can be two. Install in different places of the apartment, and the signal will be heard everywhere. You can change the melody, and adjust the volume.

Беспроводной дверной звонок

4 3

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Self-Vulcanizing Silicone Tape

Cамовулканизирующаяся лента

If you have a pipe burst somewhere, then this is not a problem. Wrap it with tape, and even the pressure of water will not break it. In addition, it is possible to isolate conventional wires, and this will be much more effective than conventional insulating tape. This tape is much stronger and more powerful.

5 2

5 3

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Organizer for small items


All has a lot of little things. It's a real problem to figure out where to store it. With the help of such an organizer, your problem will be solved. Girls can store in it their jewelry, or other small things like beads. You can also add different nuts, screws and bolts. Everything will be neatly decomposed and quickly available.

6 1

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Universal bottle cap


When there is wine or some other alcohol are remained, we always think about how to close the bottle. With this bottle cap уou will forget about your problem. A wooden cap can be discarded and start using this universal device.

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Furminator (animal wool brush)


Standart brushes don’t do well as this amazing device. After the typical cleaning on your pet, there is still a coat, which has already fallen out, but still firmly holds. Later it will fall on your carpet or sofa. But with this furminator you will forget about this problem. Well suited for both cats and dogs.

8 1

8 2

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Digital Measuring Cup and Scale with thermometer

Digital Measuring Cup and Scale with thermometer

How often in the kitchen do you need measuring cups, small scales or a small thermometer? And what if it's all in one device? This is a very useful item for the kitchen. Scenarios for use can be written for a very long time. If you often cook, then you will appreciate this device

10 1

10 2

10 3

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Tintonlife food vacuum sealers (foodsaver)

Вакуумный упаковщик для продуктов

Often after eating, there are still half-eaten foods. This packer picks out all the air from the bag. After you can put the food in the fridge and it will last much longer than just wrapped in something.

In the kit, the seller promises 15 bags. But you can buy them as much as you need separately.

9 1

9 2

9 3

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