TOP 10 Best Selling Products in July 2021 on Aliexpress

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We summarize the results of the previous month. Surprisingly, there are much more changes than usual. A lot of products left the top ten. All the information is taken from the official Alibaba report, so you can see the July Aliexpress leaders.

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10. Women's rings


The lot with simple rings made of zinc is at the end of the TOP list. It has a cute design with the image of various animals, objects, etc. So, it attracts the attention of young fashionistas, and they actively purchase the rings. More than 9,000 pieces were sold last month.


9. Double-sided silicone adhesive tape


This product is a real bestseller on Aliexpress. It has been sold for more than 3 years since it appeared on this site. The tape is consumed quickly, so customers purchase 3-5 pcs at once to have some stock.


8. Orthopedic insoles


Taking care of your health does not end with taking some supplements. It is very important to have the right posture, which will protect your spine from fatigue and injuries. The good back support can be obtained due to a properly selected sole or insole. Customers know about the importance of it, that’s why they choose orthopedic insoles.


7. Facial massager Gua Sha


Gua Sha massage is one of the trends today. People who use this type of massage write about good results. It would be impossible without a special scraper, which helps to disperse the lymph while improving blood circulation. These manipulations help to improve the appearance of the face.


6. Elastic bands for hair


Such a huge number of elastic bands is the dream of any mother who has daughters. Elastic bands are always needed, and there is no matter how many of them you have by the moment. But if you take 2000 pieces, this problem can be solved. However, another trouble will come: they will be everywhere, all over the house.


5. Wireless headphones


Although the lot of headphones has changed, people still continue to purchase it. And they do it actively. The only thing that is very confusing is the price. Well, it is very low.


4. Magnetic USB Cable


There is no TOP list without a magnetic cable. This thing is sold in huge quantities. Although, we did not appreciate the advantages of this functional little thing. At least the fast charging function did not work with the model. Over 10,000 pieces of this product were sold last month.


3. Controlled LED Strip


It is very strange to see such a product in the summer season in the TOP sales. Apparently, people know other ways of using LED strips in summer. About 20,000 pcs were sold in July.


2. iPhone Cases


The product takes the second place in the TOP list in compliance with the sales rate of July. Soft touch and a beautiful color palette with muted brightness make the cases attractive to buy. As for the price, it is really low.


1. USB Type-C Cable


The USB cable is in the first place again, but this time it is not magnetic. In this lot, you can choose the appropriate cable connector for your demands. The seller also writes that the fast charging and file transfer function are supported. There are 6 types to choose from. More than 20,000 copies were sold over the past month.

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