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New Year starts with a new dress for many women. So, that is a good time to get rid of the old washed sweater and pants. AliExpress proposes modern trends that’s why you can easily find a new fashion clothes.

Designers, fashion magazines and beauty studios make modern trends. There are not any colors are popular in 2020, but their shades.  And we could not fit them all in the TOP 10, but will really try.

Silver metal

Have you know that 2020 is the year of the White Metal Rat? And if you want to be in the trend, you have to purchase some clothes of the color. If in in short, the color solution looks wonderful!


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Sea wave

Light, relaxed and universal color is very popular in 2020. That is suitable for work, and for going to a cafe with friends, and for a rendezvous.


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A deep and rich shade combined with sequins or sequins will make you the main person of the evening. It is said that women's beauty is fascinating, like space. So, prove it!


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Sand Ochre

An attractive shade of ochre is suitable for the autumn season. It is in harmony with the gold or brown color and emphasizes the status of a business woman.


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That is no matter what is the tone of your skin and hair color. The coral shade is suitable for every woman without any exception. When you are outdoor and you have the coral shade, you will to smile everyone and get compliments as the answer.


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Deep blue shade perfectly blends with purple, black and white colors. While wearing shoes, which are not in harmony with the shade of the dress, you won’t make a mistake and could keep the cold and restrained look.


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Red Sunset

The color of a red sunset with a hint of purple will excite every man. And to feel more confident, we advise you to choose a shade of lipstick to match the shirt.


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Cinnamon Stick

It looks very elegant and gives the female the look of business lady. While choosing the color of cinnamon, you can make a combination of dresses and jackets, and the selection of stylish handbags.


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Olive Branch

Many girls believe that olive shade means or military style. The olive tree appears not only in a camouflage way. Competent combination with green or beige color will give your image a natural naturalness.


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Sweet Tangerine

Its advantage is that the rich orange color will give a joyful mood and make you feel like a playful girl at any time in any weather.


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10 1

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The New Year is said to be spend as it meets. So, do not afraid to experiment with looks and feel comfortable in a color that has not been worn before. Perhaps it will change your life and give new emotions and impressions.

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