That is a great surprise because most of goods have a real discount this year on 11.11. Sure, you may find sellers, who propose items as usually. Moreover, some of them increase the price. But this is an exception to the rule. There are a lot of interesting products on AliExpress and you may purchase it with a great discount. Don’t be upset if you don’t have anything in your cart. You have some time to choose what you need.

What is 11 11 on AliExpress

There is a theory that Alibaba administration proposes the sale like Black Friday in USA. According to data, trade volume of AliExpress was more than volume of Black Friday in 2013. It was the biggest sale in the world. Many shops propose sale on 11.11 now. Also Chinese celebrate the day of the bachelor on 11.11. So, it’s a good idea to combine these  events.

Official sale page 2019: 1111/


Dates and Stages

Stage 1 (Preparation)

It was launched on 28 of October at 00:00 PT. That stage will be finished in 10 of November at 00:00 PT.

This time you can get promos and take part in different campaigns. Also, it is possible to create wishlist.

Stage 2 (Sale)

It starts on 11 of November at 00:00 PT and it is going to finish on 12 of November at 24:00 PT.


There is no information about pre-orders this year. Some people wrote about it on different websites, but AliExpress didn’t public anything. But it is time to do that. That’s why I recommend you to follow news. When we know something, the information would be added to the article.

Shopping Guide

We propose you to check the official shopping guide on, but it is better to read the full guide. It is possible to do while reading the article. Perhaps, you will know something new. Some information is out of the official AliExpress

Gift box


We thought it would be the box with random presents. But in reality you will get the exclusive 11 11 box. It is possible to get if you buy Gift Box on Keep in mind, that items can be different. 

Assortment is always changing even during the campaign.

Money Hop

The campaign will be from 1.11 to 10.11 till 24:00 PT on

Page link:

There are games to get many promos and coupons for making orders on 11.11.

If you want to know more, we advise you to read article Aliexpress coins. What is it. And other very useful article About Aliexpress coupons

Flip ‘n’ Win

It is famous game on AliExpress. Everyone knows the rules. You have to choose the pair of cards to get a special coupon or coins.

Money Hop Coupon Rain

You will get 30 seconds on every stage. It is necessary to collect red presents. The more you get it the more coupons you win. It is possible to use on 11.11 to save money.

The game list can be updated.

Coins and Coupons

Free sellers coupons

If you want to save more money you should visit the Coupon Center. There are a lot of discounts from different shops. The division is allowed the whole year.

Read our article about How to apply few coupons for the one order.

Add items to shopping cart to achieve the discount

4 1

We recommend you to add products to your cart before 11.11. In this case you will get special coins. It is possible to change it into the

4 2

Exchange coins for coupons:

Coupons are the key to maximal discount on the campaign. So, don’t neglect it.

Snag Coupons


Youi can see since the 1st of November the widget on the main page of AliExpress “Cheaper with coupons”. Every hour you could see the best proposals here. You ask is to get it. I can tell you that it is rather difficult in reality.

Info is going to be updated…

Fast deals

The feature would be able to use on 12.11 since 00:00 to 12.11 24:00 PT.

The feature can be used in mobile app only. You will get the greatest discounts for some goods. It can be about 90%!

The rules are easy. The period is divided into 11 subperiods and its duration is 2 hours only. Every subperiod has some goods for sale. So, you need to follow the news and purchase what you really need with a great discount. Nobody knows what you could see this time. So, try to follow AliExpress this time.

Deals By Category

Many people know about it because the feature was able before.


So, you can find great proposals and coupons in every section to purchase goods in the best shops of the platform. For example, you may choose the category “Women's and wedding clothes” and choose the best stores.


There are the best proposals of every shop below. To read it in details you have to click on the store to see the assortment. For example, seller Icebear proposes real discounts. So, if to combine coupons correct you can save about 70%.


Prices are lower than usually. Additional discounts, special coupons from seller and AliExpress will let you get the best price for any goods.

Must-heave bestsellers

In Mustheavs category is easy to purchase goods with the lower price, if to use special promo under the good. But you should be hurry, the offer is limited.


Hot brands

It is easy to find something useful in the category. Sellers propose coupon in the limited period of time. And proposals are always changing. We recommend you to find, what you need, write the time, when you could get it and make a try to achieve your goal. But the offer is limited.



Keep in mind that not every seller is trustful. Some of them propose the same price as in common days. But the amount is less and less every year. If you know the real price, you could see the difference.

Sale would be 11.11.2019 – 12.11.2019 11.00 PT.

You just should choose the necessary good and purchase it. Prices are the lowest, you couldn’t find better proposals.

Aliexpress 11.11 sale page


The article is written on the first day of the campaign. When we get the new information, the article would be updated. 

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