Sale 11.11 at Aliexpress 2022: is it possible to save money at all?

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November is approaching, which means that very soon there will be the largest sale on Aliexpress. But is it? If in past years it was a grand event with a bunch of discounts, coupons, promocodes and ways to collect these discounts, then what do we have now? Will there really be anything resembling a major promotion, or will this sale be a requiem for Ali? Let's break this down together and see what we can expect from this 11.11.

While the information is published not all. Article will be updated...

  • Article have updated 01.11.2022.


Main sale page: 

Dates and stages

The first thing that has been radically changed is the dates of the promotion. Instead of two weeks of warm-up and two days of the sale itself, we now have 3 days of warm-up and as much as 12 days of the promotion itself. Events in the world have also affected Aliexpress. Global coupons and promo codes are unlikely to be this year.

  • Warm Up: 29th Oct 00:00 — 31st Oct 23:59 PST (3 days)
  • On Sale: 1st Nov 00:00 — 12th Nov 23:5 PST (12 days)

How to save on sales

Add items to cart

The simplest, most obvious and invariable is to add everything to the cart. So you can keep track of the price of the desired product. It is better to choose the same product from several sellers, and compare before buying what will be more profitable. Because prices can jump back and forth throughout the promotion. No stability.

Spend&Save —5$ every 30$

When buying products from the “Spend&Save” page, you will receive a discount of 5$/10$/15$ for every 30$/60$/90$. Find an item marked $5 of..., add it to your shopping cart and pay for it after November 1st. The discount will be applied automatically.

Sellers coupons and promocodes

They work at any time of the year. Some sellers in the sale give very generous coupons and promos. Where to get them:

Absolutely everything is collected in the Coupon Center

On the main pages of almost all stores

On the product page under the description or under the price

On the Top Brands page. Scroll down a little


On weekdays, not only during the sale, coins can be used as a discount to the main price of the goods (see What are coins). This only works on the mobile app. During the promotion should work with all products.

50 coins on average can knock off $0.50.

111 111 products with 5% cashback

There should be a page where all these products will be. Until it was published. But such products will also have a special label. The maximum cashback discount is $5.

Aliexpress coupons

No information


All countries Exclude RU,AE,UZ,BH,KR,AM,KW,YE,FR,SA,ES,KZ,QA,BR,TJ,BY,MD,AZ,TM,KG,GE,OM,US (01-12 Nov)

  • 11DSale3 - $3 off $40
  • 11DSale7 - $7 off $80
  • 11DSale12 - $12 off $120
  • 11DSale17 - $17 off $170
  • 11DSale23 - $23 off $230

EU (01-12 Nov)

  • 322 — 2€ off 20€
  • 354 — 4€ off 50€
  • 315 — 5€ off 100€
  • 311 — 10€ off 150€
  • 323 — 15€ off 200€
  • 335 — 25€ off 300€

Brazil (01-12 Nov)

  • mundoali120 - $120 off $1200
  • mundoali350 - $350 off $3500

United States (01-12 Nov)

  • US15 - $15 off $150
  • US40 - $40 off $350
  • 1111US7 - $7 off $50
  • 1111US15 - $15 off $100
  • 1111US30 - $30 off $200

Spain (01-12 Nov)

  • ES10 - €10 off €100
  • ES20 - €20 off €200
  • ES25 - €25 off €249
  • ES30 - €30 off €300

France (01-12 Nov)

  • FR10 - €10 off €100
  • FR20 - €20 off €200
  • FR30 - €30 off €300

An example of how discounts work this year

Ali gives a visual instruction on how it will all work.


Trusted sellers

Large branded stores take sales more seriously, so there is a small chance that they will have real discounts this year as well. Therefore, give preference to brands or large stores that have already firmly settled on the Ali site. Visit our #Top Stores to see the most trusted sellers.

Interesting sections on sale



Page link: 

There are allegedly presented goods that are now in demand and which are offered at a good discount. How good these discounts are, see for yourself.

Delivery in 3-7 working days (only for PL,NL,BE,IT,PT,CZ,DE)


Page link: 

Here are the goods that will be delivered from European warehouses. Thus, the time will be reduced, as well as the cost of delivery for residents of Europe. Products in this category are not matched to your interests, but only to possible savings.

Top Brands


Page link: 

This section presents branded items or products of the largest stores, which will be at maximum discounts during the sale. Although Aliexpress claims this, trust only your eyes. It is better to add items to your shopping cart and follow the price personally. At the time of launch, we did not see a single brand with a “wow” price.


Due to the global situation and the change of leadership in Aliexpress, this promotion will not even be close to being as large, profitable and large-scale as we are used to. Whether this will result in the collapse of the company or over time it will rise again from the ashes, time will tell.

The article is being updated. Check it out from time to time.

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