Aliexpress July Sale 2021: Discounts and Promo Codes

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Every day is a sale. This time it is rather big. Aliexpress has launched a new promotion. There will be some discounts on products, there will be coupons and promo codes, and these are real discounts that will help you save a lot of money. The sale is different for every Nation. The main pages and promos will be divided into several regions of the world too.

Dates and stages of the sale

  • Warm-up: from July 9, 00.00 (PST) to July 12, 23:59 (PST)
  • Sale: from July 12, 00: 00 (PST) to July 15, 23:59 (PST)

Sale main page:


How to get real discounts

Add products to the cart during the warm-up

You won’t get discounts by the way, but this is the basis to have time to apply all coupons or promo codes because their number is limited. They will start working from July 12, and the later you use them, the more likely they will end. So, it is better to do this in the very first minutes, and you will need to have time to add everything to the cart in advance.

Store coupons

They work both: during the sale and on any ordinary day. You can find it in several places:

  • Under the price of any product.
  • On the sale pages of stores.
  • In the coupon center.

Promo codes

Recently, they have become the main source of discounts during sales. There are only a couple of them. Follow the article to find updates. As soon as we receive the information, we will add it. Read the article What are Promo Codes on Aliexpress to know more about how it works in reality. We constantly update the list and try to keep it up to date.


  • 712EPN7 — $7 off $50
  • 712gen7 — $7 off $50
  • EPN12 — $12 off $99
  • 712gen12 — $12 off $99
  • EPN20 — $20 off 199$
  • 712gen20 — $20 off 199$

Nederland, Germany, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic

  • EPNS6, EPNB6 — $6 off $50
  • SBGAE6, SBEAE6 — $6 off $50
  • EPNS14 — $14 off $100
  • SBEAE14 — $14 off $100
  • EPNS21 — $21 off $150
  • SBEAE21 — $21 off $150


  • JULIO1 — €1 off €5
  • JULIO2 — €2 off €10
  • JTOPATI4 — €4 off €29
  • JTOPATI7 — €7 off €49
  • JTOPATI15 — €15 off €99
  • JTOPATI30 — €30 off €199
  • JTOPATI45 — €45 off €299


  • AEJUNFR05 — €5 off €35
  • AEJUNFR07 — €7 off €50
  • AEJUNFR12 — €12 off €100

All countries (exclude Spain, France, Brazil, Russia and CIS)

  • EPNS6, EPNB6 — $6 off $50
  • EPNB11 — $11 off $100

For new users All countries exclude Russia and CIS (In Mobile App only)

  • UKR444 - 3$ off 4$ (to 01.10.2021)

Choose products from trusted stores

Aliexpress is a huge marketplace where private stores sell products. They can be both large and well-known, and no name stores. According to the practice, a large number of scammers are no name stores. There are also stores that have been on the market for several years and have the status of a brand. It is almost impossible to get low-quality products from them, or even empty packaging at all. We have a category on our website #TOP stores, where we make a selection of verified sellers, and try to keep these lists up to date. So, do not be lazy and look at these collections.

This sale is not so great but using coupons and promo codes, you could get something cheaper. The main thing is not to be lazy and carefully study everything. We wish you good luck in your future shopping. If you want to find out the latest information about Aliexpress first, then subscribe to our Telegram channel. The link is just below.

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