Recently ended 11.11 and Aliexpress have a sale again. At this time, the well-known Black Friday. For people from Western countries, this is the most famous shopping day. To see this, just watch the videos from US stores.

Ali's administration is following the trends, so they decided to make their Black Friday.

Main page of the Black


Dates and Stages of Black Friday 2018

  • November 19-23 — Collecting of the coupons
  • November 23-26 — Sale
  • November 26-28 — Cyber Monday

Collect coupons

From November 19, 08.00 to November 23, 7.59 (GMT), we can get coupons. You can do this in the mobile application or click on our link:

Get coupons:

On this page there are many great offers in which you can apply special coupons. They will apply automatically at the sale days. There are no restrictions on the collection!

By the way, you can buy many products with a discount now.


Black Friday sale on the Aliexpress

It will be from November 23, 8.00 to November 26, 7:59 (GMT). This is the main period of the sale.

Stores that participate in the Black Friday:

In each category of items there is a list of stores that participate in the sale. In that place you can see the most profitable coupons that stores provide. For example, the section of mobile phones.


Please note under the name of the store you can see the availability of the most profitable coupon.

A list of all coupons from all stores (regardless of whether they participate in the promotion or not) you can find here:

Shop and get a free gift

At first I thought that this could be something interesting. But it was not as profitable as I would like. For example, you buy a robot vacuum cleaner and they give you a bonus brush. It's good, but not enough for black Friday.

Every 24 hours in this section the products will change. For each date of sale there are a limited numbers and types of items. Find them for some reason is not so easy. So all links I leave here.


November 23 items:


November 24 items:

November 25 items:

November 26:

November 27:

In a section "Handled by aliexpress" also will be good discounts.

Cyber Monday

It will be from November 26, 9:00 to November 28, 7.59 (GTM). How this period differs from the sale is not clear. I don’t have detailed information yet. As something will appear I will update the article.

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