Aliexpress “10 years” Anniversary Sale 2020

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Due to the anniversary of Aliexpress a total sale was announced. You can temporarily forget about the bad news and treat yourself to a little shopping. But don't think that Chinese are willing to give you everything almost for free. Not all sellers honestly reduce the prices for their products. Just like that, without learning the information, you couldn’t get great discounts. But if you use every feature we have described in the article, the chances of saving money would be great.

Sale home page:


Date and stages

  • Presale: March 20, 00:00 — March 26, 23: 59 (PT)
  • Sale: March 27, 00:00 ― March 31, 29: 59 (PT)

How to Save Money

Select Coupons

From March 20 to March 26, you have to collect select coupons. If you want to get real discounts, do not miss this stage. Where you can take them:

  • on the main sale page
  • on the stores promo page
  • buy for coins
  • while playing different games via App or even in the Funbox game

You can use the select-coupons while the sale since March, 27.

Seller Coupon

You can get it on the promo pages of the stores you are interested in and in the "Coupon Center". All sellers’ coupons are located there, and they are available all year round. Here you will find different coupons, which are able while the sale or even later, according to the current shop’s policy.

AliExpress Coupon

The most profitable coupons that are available on Ali, can be used for any goods on the website. At the moment you can get it in the "Funbox game", or purchase it at the "Coupon Center" for coins.

You can read How to apply few coupons for one order.

Aliexpress Time Capsule

Don’t be lazy, spend 2 minutes of your time and scroll through the "Time Capsule" to the end. A gift will be waiting for you. Firstly, Ali will show you all your achievements on this site: what was the first product you bought, how much money you spent, what was the most expensive purchase, etc. It’s nice to see all this data, especially if you, as we are a user for many years.

At the end there will be a button by which you can collect your bonus. A prize will be awarded depending on your achievements tied to your activity. Personally, we received an Aliexpress-coupon of $5 of $35.


Promo codes

It is issued by Aliexpress, different stores, or even it can be found on the websites of some bloggers. At the moment, there are only promo codes from sellers that work only for their products. You can find these promo codes under products (but not all of them). For example, this women's set.


As soon as the other promos appear, we will write them here.

Please note that you cannot use an Aliexpress coupon and promos at the same time. Just solve yourself, what would be more profitable.

Getting Coins

You can purchase coupons for coins. There are several ways to get them:

  • Add products to the shopping cart. The maximum amount per day is 50 coins, and 105 coins for the entire sale.
  • Play games in mobile apps: lucky forest, bubble challenge, flip n win etc.
  • Go to the mobile bonuses section of the app every day and collect them.

It is better to read more about Aliexpress coins.

Note. Add goods into your shopping cart during presale. This will make it easier for you to track price changes. So, in the case of a limited quantity, you can instantly place an order.

Coins exchange center:

Deal with honest sellers only

Seller with good rating can propose really good services. They are less likely than others to inflate prices before the promotion, and then they can propose a discount, while passing them off as a discount. Look at the TOP stores on our website to find the best shop.

Sections overview

Top Brands

Page link:

The page is full of numbers with discounts, but we will not pay attention and look at the fact that it is really profitable.

Get Big Coupons” section can be rather interesting. Stores propose their coupons that need to be taken in time. Although it is difficult, but there is a chance to catch something really interesting.

Different top sellers offer their best products in “Top brands” section. Look if something will appeal to you and if you combine it with other discounts. So, that is a great chance to save money.

New Trends

It is possible to find on the main page of the sale. It is divided into four items on different topics:

Deals By Category

Many people know the way of getting discount. It works almost at every sale. The principle of operation is the same. If you search, you can find things with very good discounts. Let's look at the example of the category “Underwear and exotic apparel”.

There are many interesting tabs here, but we are only interested in two the most profitable.

Shop & Get A Free Gift

In this case, you can purchase any product and to get something as a gift. It is shown in the corner of the main product photo. Usually this is some small thing, but sometimes it happens that the gift is priced the same as the purchased item.

Top Stores

Depending on the category, you can see the best store coupons or the best product prices . This will save you time searching for the necessary goods . Unfortunately, not all categories have these tabs.

Shop with Select Coupons

At the moment, this page is difficult to find by yourself.

Page link:

Here you can get select-coupons to any product you like. All of them are divided into three tabs:

  • 2$ off 15$
  • 6$ off 65$
  • 8$ off $150

We are not sure, but it is most likely to purchase goods in different shops in reality to get a discount with the current special coupon.


Game link:

Ali ask us to take part in the game with a total prize of $ 500 000. It will be shared by all players. It is unlikely that this time you can get a lot of money. Last 11.11 we received a coupon of 0.96$ off 0.96$, which was eventually spent on a phone case.

Moreover, you can win select-coupons, coins and AliExpress coupons too.

The rules of the game are simple: throw a dice and move around the playing field. Open boxes with gifts and get your prizes. If the free moves are over, you will be asked to continue by clicking on one of the stores that you are interested in. Thus, you will get one more step. Play mini games to get some bonuses. They will give you the opportunity to get Ali coupons oif $ 2, $ 5 and $10. The game can be played as many times as you want without any restrictions.

The prize from the Fund will be given to users out when the sale begins .


Shopping guide

If you want to read everything yourself, you can see the “Shopping  Guide”. All other rules can be found here too.

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