On March 21stdue to its birthday AliExpress launched a new promo campaign “Anniversary Sale”. The sale begins at march 28, 00:00 PT and lasts to march 31, 00:00 PT . Right now you can add your desire to the cart or favorites and watch the price changing. It guaranties that you buy the desirable item even if earlier it has cost more than you could pay.

The official sale's page:


Anniversary sale dates and stages in 2019

  • March 21 – 28 (00:00 PT) — kick-start promo event
  • March 28 – 31 (00:00 PT) — Sale

What to expect from 9th Anniversary event on AliExpress

  • Millions of items with more than 50% discount
  • Season gifts for customers
  • Lots of bonuses
  • Good offers

Collecting coins and coupons

At the promo period everyone can collect coins, coupons and special vouchers (what is coupon)

Exchanging coins for coupons

You receive coins by opening the mobile app and “mobile bonuses” or even just adding an item to a cart. The limit is about 50 coins per day, which means that you can have up to 350 coins for all the sales period. Change them for spec vouchers.

Terms could be found here:

How to receive Anniversary coupons

There are 3 ways. In both methods one can start from the promo page (I put the link at the beginning of the post)

First way

Special-coupons. They are located on the top of the main promo page and above each type of items. Simply click on “Get now” to take them. The vouchers are available from March 28-31.

Second way

You can get the store-coupons.

1. Just open the category you need at the “Deals by category” section by clicking “View all”

1 1

2. The store coupons can be found and used only for particular sellers. You'll see them at “Coupons for you” section.


3. Another variant is to open “Top stores” tab. Almost every seller from the list can offer you a voucher. Point on the needed one. 

1 2

4. With that you will be transferred to the store-page and on the top there will be the voucher or spec coupon to take or exchange.

1 3

As an example, the tab “Best sellers” of the women clothing gives us good voucher offers from this type of stores.

Third way

After any purchase from $ 0.1, you will receive one of the promotional coupons:

  • $6 from $42
  • $10 from $68
  • $20 from $135

You can find them in your account, in the appropriate section:

Get free promo codes

Ali issued a number of promo codes. We decided to share them so that you could save even more. Enter them in the cart before purchasing, there is a field for this.

You can enter these codes for one AliExpress account once only. They will be valid during the promotion period: from March 28 to March 31 only.

  • LUCKY9:  — $10 from $100
  • NEW0328: — $6 from $7 (for new accounts only)
  • aliexpress2off: — $2 from $12 and more

Do not forget that the many of coupons from Ali sellers is always available. Full list here:

Vip member exclusive

Unique voucher can be received at Vip member exclusive. For me it was $30 from $300.


Made in Turkey

It's a headline of a new section on Ali. No problem to understand why. And as promotion there is a very good voucher for $10 per $30. It is must see cause it's quite difficult to make a mistake in size. Great advantageous bonus is a free delivery as well.

This page link:


Blogger's coupons

Thus it's not a promo part, but I recommend you also to search the AliExpress bloggers' pages. They can offer many advantageous coupons. It could be found in “Interesting” section of the mobile app.

Discount for two

Make purchases together with friends and you'll save up to 80%. Or just select the item and look watch who else waits for a pair to make a purchase.

Remember that the deal works only during the promo period.

The link for “Discount for two”


Bundle deals

Another anniversary promotion. With purchase of 2 or more items you will save 10% or more. You only need to find out that this sale works for items from2 different stores.

The link:


Featured brands

It is the name of the review platform of the best Ali brands. The tab can share $2 spec voucher with you. Here you can also play the famous “Find the card” game and win the Ali or sellers' voucher, as well as the spec coupon.

Visit the brand's pages every day to play the game. The option is available twice a day. Good luck!

The link to «Featured brands»:


And do not skip to visit coupon center. Sometimes there are surprises.


That's all for today. If we have news, we add them to this post. Visit it once a while.


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