11.11 AliExpress Sale 2023: How to Save Money

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November is fast approaching, and with it comes one of the most anticipated events for online shoppers around the world — the big 11.11 sale on AliExpress. What will this promotion look like in 2023? Will it be able to surpass our expectations, even slightly, especially after last year's disappointment? In this article, we will discuss the most important points, innovations, and ways to save during this sale.

As more information becomes available, the article will be updated...

Sale main page: promotion.aliexpress.com/1111


Dates and Stages

  • Warm-up: November 8 to 10 (PST).
  • Sale: November 11 to 17 (PST).

How to Save Money

Watch the Prices

Add desired items to your cart and track their prices. Compare offers from different sellers for the best deals. By doing this, on the day of the sale, you will be able to choose the best offer.


This year, the “Spend&Save” principle is in effect. All you need to do is add items from this category to your cart.

Get a $4 discount for every $20 spent (up to $16 on one order).

Promo Codes

In honor of the sale, the online giant usually shares promo codes that can be applied to all items in the cart.

For all countries except Russia, CIS, France, Spain, USA, Brazil, UAE, Bahrain, Korea, Kuwait, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman

  • 11SALE8 = $8 from $50
  • 11SALE15 = $15 from $100
  • 11SALE30 = $30 from $200
  • 11SALE40 = $40 from $250
  • 11SALE50 = $50 from $300
  • 11SALE100 = $100 from $500


  • D11FR08 = €8 from €50
  • FR15 = €15 from €100
  • FR30 = €30 from €200
  • D11FR40 = €40 from €250
  • FR50 = €50 from €300
  • FR100 = €100 from €500


  • D11ES08 = €8 from €50
  • ES15 = €15 from €100
  • ES30 = €30 from €200
  • D11ES40 = €40 from €250
  • ES50 = €50 from €300
  • ES100 = €100 from €500


  • SUPERPL8 =  $8 from $50
  • SUPERPL15 =  $15 from $100
  • SUPERPL30 =  $30 from $200
  • SUPERPL40 = $40 from $250
  • SUPERPL50 = $50 from $300
  • SUPERPL100 = $100 from $500


  • AEUS8 = $8 from $50
  • US15 = $15 from $100
  • US30 = $30 from $200
  • AEUS40 = $40 from $250
  • US60 = $60 from $300


  • PROMOAFF25 = R$25 from R$250
  • PROMOAFF75 = R$75 from R$500
  • PROMOAFF150 = R$150 from R$1000
  • PROMOAFF500 = R$500 from R$2500


  • 23AE1108 = $8 from $50
  • 23AE1114 = $15 from $100
  • 23AE1130 = $30 from $200
  • 23AE1140 = $40 from $250
  • 23AE1150 = $50 from $300
  • AE1818 = $100 from $500

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar

  • GCC30 = $8 from $50
  • GCC55 = $15 from $100
  • GCC150 = $40 from $250
  • GCC150US = $40 from $250
  • GCC190 = $50 from $300
  • GCC190US = $50 from $300
  • GCC385 = $100 from $500

Store Coupons and Promo Codes

The main way to save is to stock up on coupons and promo codes. They offer the most significant discounts. You can find them on the main pages of stores as well as on product pages. Also in the "Coupon Center" section, but we will write more about this page later.

It should be noted that a coupon and a promo code cannot be applied simultaneously.

Store Discount

On a seller's card, above the "Buy" button, one can often read the phrase "store discount". This means that by purchasing from this seller and meeting their conditions, you will receive a discount. Sometimes it can be quite substantial. To understand what these conditions are, click on these words.

Trusted Sellers

As a rule, well-known brands and large stores approach sales more responsibly. Therefore, we recommend giving preference to such sellers. To familiarize yourself with the most reliable sellers, check out our rating under the #TOP Stores tag.

Interesting Pages

Coupon Center

The most useful and at the same time the most useless section. It is useful because there are very tempting coupons here, but useless because most often these coupons are not applied to the products or stores we wanted. But if you don't care what or where to buy just to fill up the cart, then this section is definitely of help.

Page link: promotion.aliexpress.com/CouponCenter

Top Brands

This page is present at every major Ali event. It collects the products of all the major Chinese brands represented on the platform. 

Page link: promotion.aliexpress.com/TopBrands


Also, as a classic, this section collects the most sold products from various categories.

Page link: promotion.aliexpress.com/BestSellers

Pick 3 & Save

This promotion has recently become available every day. We have a separate article about it. We recommend familiarizing yourself with it, because here the savings are indeed significant.

Page link: promotion.aliexpress.com/pick3Save

Shopping Guide

This year, the classic "Shopping Guide" has returned. On this page, we are exclusively interested in the "Discount Hours" section. Products presented here will be sold with a 90% discount at the specified time. The main thing is to manage to make a purchase.


11.11 is not what it used to be. Even the most passive shoppers on Ali must have realized this. There are virtually no discounts and various opportunities to save for the second year in a row. The real big and favorable conditions that were last seen in 2019 are absent. Is this related to the global crisis or just the usual greed of sellers and the platform? Time will tell, time will judge. In any case, with due persistence and some time spent, some benefit can still be gained.

As information comes in, the article will be updated, and we will write about all updates in our social networks. Subscribe to them just below the article and stay with us.

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