11.11 Aliexpress 2020: how to get real discounts

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This year is really difficult, but Aliexpress follows its traditions and proposes the greatest sale 11.11. That is the Global Shopping Festival. This time there will be even more different features for customers. Let's check what Aliexpress proposes us this year and how you can save money on this sale.

What is 11.11

Alibaba Group wanted to launch its Asian "Black Friday" with Black Jack and so on in 2013. It was solved to come up with a sale, its principles and make the sale really popular. That is the story of 11.11. Why is it also called the Singles' Day? This day is celebrated in China at the same time, that’s why the sale also calls Singles' Day. There is no longer any tie here.

The turnover of Aliexpress from this promotion repeatedly exceeded the total turnover of the entire American "Black Friday" in the first year. It was the largest sale in the world. Later, many other online stores picked up on this idea into their work.

Official Sale Page: aliexpress.com/shoppingFestival2020


Dates and stages

  • Stage 1 (warm-Up) - from November 28, 00: 00 (PT) to November 10, 23: 59 (PT)
  • Stage 2 (Sale) - from November 11, 00: 00 (PT) to November 12, 23: 59 (PT)

How to Get Discounts On 11.11

Add products to cart during Warming-Up

You should be active during this period. Just during the warm-up you can get all the bonuses, which Aliexpress proposes. You need to find and add to the cart everything you want to purchase. Why is this so important?

  • You will get coins that you can then exchange for coupons for every addition to the cart..
  • Some stores allow you to use all the bonuses only in the first minutes from the start of the sale.

Many coupons and promo codes are limited and must be applied in the first minutes of the sale. Otherwise, they will finish quickly. If you don't have any products in your shopping cart by the start of 11.11, you won't have time to collect them quickly and take advantage of Aliexpress.

Select coupons

These coupons can be used for any item, if the seller allows it. You can use several coupons at once. Where to get it:

To understand how it all works, read our article on what the coupons are.

Aliexpress Coupons

This is the only type of coupons that works for absolutely any product, regardless of the store and other conditions. You can get it in a game or contest during the sale. Where to get it:

  • You can be obtained in the game "The One and Only". Information about it is below.
  • In the coupon center, you can take it for free for $3 off $18. And if you share it with a friend, and he logs in from his account and accepts it, then you will be given another one for $5 out of $35.
  • Sometimes the coupons can be exchanged for coins. But the feature is inactive this year.
  • You can collect them by going every day to the appropriate section of the mobile applications. If you check in there every day, then on the sixth day you will receive a coupon of $15 off $100. The main thing is not to miss!

On the main page there is a section "Gameland". Open it up.


There is a coupon icon in the bottom left corner. Click on it.


Check in here. You will see which coupons will be available for which day and how much you still have left.


Store Coupons

They are the most common. It can be used in a specific store. Where to get them:


They are divided into two types:

  • It works for any products, just like the Aliexpress coupons. But you can only use one: either a promo code or an Aliexpress coupon while purchasing someting. You can't use it together.
  • It is given from the current store and can be applied only from a specific seller. If there is one, you can find it under the product.

You can combine promo codes with the seller's coupons.

The following promo codes are limited. The dates of its using are indicated with them. So if you want to have time to use it, do it in the first minutes of the sale campaign.

For all countries Ucraine include (without Russia and СНГ)

  • EPNSINGLE7 — 7$ off 50$ (from 11.11 to 12.11)
  • EPNSINGLE10 — 10$ off 90$ (from 11.11 to 12.11)
  • EPNSINGLE12 — 12$ off 110$ (from 11.11 to 12.11)

Cooperate With Trustful Sellers

Aliexpress does not sell anything by itself. There are a huge number of stores on the site. There are international and local well-known brands, and there are very dishonest sellers. They propose the lowest prices and inflate them before the sale. That is the reason of their poor reputation. Customers are not satisfied with the fake discounts. In order not to run make a victim of such sellers, try to purchase goods only from highly rated stores. They have an overall rating above 96% -97% and its number of deals is over 1,000 during the last six months. We try to give you lists of top sellers and always update it. You can find it using our hash tag #Top stores.

One more thing you should keep in mind. Products with good discounts are not just in the seller's catalog, but on the promotional page dedicated to 11.11. It is easy to find it in the store's menu.

Look for great deals under the product

Some famous sellers, especially those who sell smartphones, can offer very good prices. Let's look at an example of it:


  • Regular price — $556.32
  • Price on time 11.11 — 549$

The first opportunity to save money is to use special coupons. Under the item, we see that you can apply $2 every $15. This means that 36 special coupons for a total of $72 can be used on this phone.

The second option is to apply a store coupon. Click on it under the product, and we see that we can take $3 out of $289.

$474 — the Final price after applying all discounts. As a result, you can save $75.

What Should You Know

There is no wonder that special coupons can be collected in unlimited quantities at every step. Many sellers take advantage of this and use a legal feature to attract customers and earn money. They do allow you to apply as many of these coupons to a single product as you can. But it will only work for the first 15 seconds or a couple of minutes after the start of 11.11. Then this store will stop accepting special coupons. So, don't forget to add these products to your shopping cart in advance to have time to use all the benefits in time.

If you want to search something more, check out our article with the Best smartphone stores on Aliexpress. Leaders of the TOP list propose using coupons in unlimited quantity really often.

The game "The One and Only»


Here you have the opportunity to win an Aliexpress coupon of $ 111,$ 11, a couple of coins or other small coupons. The game is quite strange. It's all about sharing links with your friends, inviting them to install the Aliexpress app, and attracting as many new users as possible. As a result, you will get a chance to open a box with a surprise. There should be different prizes.

There is no matter how many times we tried, we always could get only 1 coin. If you want to try your luck, then take a chance. There is no risk at all, except the fact that you will noise your friends while sending them your investigations. The game works in mobile app only.

Game link: aliexpress.com/big_koi_home 

Overview of Sales Pages and Sections



According to the title, here you will find products, which sells really often. It can be from different categories. And since the products are so popular, there is a high chance that they have a high quality. If you want to choose something from the bestsellers, then you are here.

Page link: aliexpress.com/bestsellers

Hot brands, hotter deals


You will find the greatest brands of Aliexpress here and their products will have a special discount on 11.11. The list of stores is formed individually for you in compliance with your interests. Take a look the goods, which smart algorithms have collected.

Large stores raffle off really good coupons. You need to have time to take it at the end of time. There is a countdown timer. There are legends that everyone can get the coupons. Try your luck and agility.

Page link: aliexpress.com/topBrands 

Shopping guide

We won’t describe all the sections and pages that are on this sale. Unfortunately, many of them arenot interesting for users. If you are interested in it, you can look it through by yourself. Just open the official shopping guide. There you will find all the necessary information and links.


If you read the article carefully, you should have already understood that no one will give you a discount just like that. We'll have to fight for it. But if you have the desire and you have free time, it is not so difficult to get some discounts. Don't forget that the main step of the sale will start on November 11 at 00.00 PT time. 

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